Rational thought now we have calmed down

The storm that is the transfer window has come and gone so now things have calmed down we can take stock of where we are with a bit of thought instead of the knee-jerk reaction to not making a 'major' signing.

Rational thought now we have calmed down

Let's be clear spending money does not always equate to success, we should know we spent a lot of it last summer and bought the striker we were searching for. We were all happy with the purchase and felt he was exactly what we needed. Daniel Levy splashed the cash, £26 million ($42.87m - €32.63m) , to get Soldado from Valencia and spent £30 million ($49.46m - €37.65m) on Erik Lamela from Roma.

The result, they both flopped. We can make excuses but bottom line was plenty of outlay and no return.

We can't afford to pay the wages, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal pay, they are all in a different league and apart from Man Utd this season they all offer Champions League football. Man U is Man U so players will always go there. Who other clubs sign is irrelevant, how our squad looks is all that matters.

Everyone tells us we have a hugely talented squad, we therefore have to get the best out of the squad and needed a manager to do just that. We brought in Mauricio Pochettino for that very reason and have added talented young players. Why are people expecting major signing when we have brought in a manager to improve what we have?

A previous article (below), which was well received so thank-you for all the comments, helped to explain the departures of Holtby and Sandro and why we are in an excellent position for early buys next summer, for once.

Spurs sitting pretty after the transfer window

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In the next series of articles I'll take a look at the areas of the squad, goalkeepers, defence, midfield, attack, where we are now and what the future may hold. It is important we remember that the squad we have is not the finished article, merely the squad we have now as we work towards reshaping it, that doesn't make it a bad squad though.

I'll start by having a look at the goalkeeping situation, see you in the next article.

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