Pochettino assures Archer he has a future at Spurs

Young 21-year-old goalkeeper Jordan Archer has revealed that Mauricio Pochettino has assured him he still has a future at the club, despite the recent signing of Michel Vorm from Swansea City.

Pochettino assures Archer he has a future at Spurs

Archer had hoped to play and impress on the pre-season tour to the US & Canada but picked up a virus on the second day which hospitalised him, keeping him out the whole tour. That allowed young Luke McGee to make his debut instead in the final game against Chicago Fire. He explained what happened.

"I was so disappointed when I picked up the virus because it was only Brad Friedel and I who were out there as Hugo Lloris was coming back from the World Cup. 
"I would have got quite a lot of game time, but unfortunately I picked up the virus on the second night. It was a massive frustration. 
"I had a headache during the day that I put down to dehydration because it was so hot. I took a couple of paracetamol but then I woke up at 2 am and couldn't move; I was totally wiped out. 
"Thankfully, the doctor recognised a few of the symptoms and took me to hospital. They did some tests and I spent four nights there. They looked after me well though; I had top-class treatment. 
"It was a bit scary as I've never had anything like that before but they reassured me from the start I would be all right. I just needed to take the medication and have some rest and I would be back. I had good staff and good support around me. 
"I was off for a couple of weeks and didn't get back to full training until mid-August. I'm so used to being active that I was itching to play, always banging on the docs' and coaches' doors asking if I could train but I had to be patient. 
"I was just unlucky. Pre-season is always a tough time as your body goes from holiday mode to being put under stress."

Archer, who is on a season long loan to gain experience at Northampton Town, was speaking to The Herald after his brilliant performance for Scotland U21's in Slovakia on Thursday and then went on to answer a question about the new Tottenham boss.

"All the players like him. He did well at Southampton and he's really hands on and a good guy. He's honest, which is all you can ask for, and he's getting results. He has spoken to me and said some good things about going out and getting more experience and the likes. Obviously, you have Hugo at the club, Michel has joined, and there's Brad coming to the end of his career. 
"Obviously they are top goalkeepers while I'm still young. The manager told me to go and get some more experience that will stand me in good stead. 
"Brad is one of a kind. He has kept fit by doing yoga and all credit to him. It's great to have him to look up to. He has done it all in the game. It is always good picking his brain and he has been good to me too. 
"I'm confident about the future at Spurs. I think I've done well enough to be offered something."

Archer is referring to the fact that his contract runs out in June 2015 and he is hoping for a new deal from the club. A pre-season chat with the manager suggests he will be offered a new deal and if he keeps putting in excellent displays while on loan, he looks sure to be offered one.

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