Ben Davies home debut draws near

Ben Davies is making his home debut against Schalke this evening and will get a rousing reception from the fans. He is looking forward to the game, the occasion and the challenge.

Ben Davies Home debut draws near

He will be challenging Danny Rose for the left-back slot but is sure to be given his home debut against Schalke to give him a taste of the ground and atmosphere as a home player, it's a bit different as an away player.

"I can't wait, it's the one thing I've been looking forward to this week and it's going to be a big chance to show the fans, the home fans, what I can do. I'm excited to do that. 
"I don't see much [German football], I've seen them [Schalke] play occasionally in the Champions League and stuff but never really taken too much of an interest so it'll be a good challenge."

Our first Premier League game is of course a London derby, there are so many of them in the Premier League, which teams generally raise their game for. For Ben Davies it will be a new experience, assuming he is picked, not having played in the rivalry before.

"It's a nice game to start off [West Ham] I suppose, it's going to be a tough one but hopefully we'll start the season with a win and set us in good stead for the season then.  
"I think a lot of clubs have spent a lot of money now, the quality is only getting better in this league and I think the players are looking forward to it. It's going to be a tough season but I think we've got the quality in the squad so there is no reason why we can't do well this year.  
"Football is all about experience and I've played two full seasons in the Premier League now and I think this challenge was the right thing for me and it's one that I'm excited to start now."

He has taken a step forward in his career onto a stage with greater pressure than he is used to, greater expectation. Different players react in different ways to that, some can't handle it. Davies seems a nice level headed young man who takes things in his stride.

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He will no doubt be nervous so the Schalke game will help to get some of those nerves out of the system. The fans will be seeing new players, a new manager, a new system, it's sure to be a wonderful and noisy atmosphere inside The Lane. My guess is that Ben Davies will handle the pressure and that Danny Rose will enjoy the new system.

Having a specialist left-back around can only help him, he didn't have one last season after BenoƮt Assou-Ekotto was loaned out to QPR. The two defensive midfielders will help with cover and so hopefully we won't see the left-back area so exposed this season.

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