Townsend to Everton

Andros Townsend is the subject of interest from Newcastle but not Everton have joined in wanting the England winger next season.

Townsend to Everton

With Spurs having no manager nobody will be leaving just yet, not until a new man arrives and he decides who stays and who can go. He was linked with Manchester United when David Moyes was the manager but all that talk died with the departure of the Scot from Old Trafford.

For Andros Townsend it has been a frustrating season.

Thanks to an injury to Aaron Lennon after the first game of the campaign against Crystal Palace,  the 22 year-old had a run of 10 Premier League games and 2 Europa League games on the right wing, which led to his England call up.

To say he was frustrating would be an understatement, every time he got the ball he simply cut inside and had a shot, rarely passing to a teammate. He was getting in around 9 or 10 shots a game and scored with none of them. Over the season he had 56 shots and scored with a cross. he totalled Premier League 2 assists.

He fooled many a fan because he was shooting and frustrated others who felt he was wasteful and selfish. He seemed to think he was the next Gareth Bale, except Bale's accuracy from outside the box was 48%.

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For England he ran at people on the outside as a winger should, for Tottenham he didn't, the remainder of his season was largely spent as a substitute, coming on 13 times. Mentally he has a lot of learning to do, when he comes on as a sub, he isn't mentally prepared and has very little affect on a game as a result. Being able to make an impact as a sub is not down to luck, but mentality.

He has talent, he is quick, he can dribble, find space for a shot and shoot with either foot. At the moment however his game is all me me me and not in the interests of the team. If someone can get inside his head then he is a talent waiting to happen but if they don't he'll never be the player he can be.

An injury meant a spell on the sidelines and he showed nothing since his return being unable to break into the team before another injury meant he missed the plane to Brazil.

It should be remembered that this is his first full season and he is not the finished article. There is improvement to come, how much improvement is down to him but last summer Tottenham quoted clubs £10 million for him, now that figure will be higher so it's unlikely that either Newcastle or Everton could afford him.

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