Adebayor - I'm staying at Spurs

Emmanuel Adebayor insists he will be a Tottenham player next season unless he is told he is not wanted anymore.

Adebayor - I'm staying at Spurs

There has been interest in Adebayor again after his exploits under Tim Sherwood reminded everyone of what he can do when he is happy and confident.

"I will be a Tottenham player.

"At the moment I have got two years left on my contract. But what happens if I wake up and what has happened to me in the past has happened again?

"What if the chairman called me and if the new manager says about moving me on, what do you want me to do?

"But it is like I said. At the moment I can't consider going anywhere."

Under Harry Redknapp he produced the goods and under Tim Sherwood he did the same. The big question with Adebayor is what he does, how he plays when he has signed a contract. History suggests he stops playing but that is something he refutes.

"I don't know why people keep saying, 'Ade's always playing for a contract'. I never played for a contract. I always have a four or five-year contract wherever I go to.

"I had just signed a big contract when I left Arsenal. I left Monaco after I had just signed a big contract.

"So I played for Arsenal for three years. So are you going to tell me that for three years I was looking for a contract all those three years? No. I had just signed a contract and the manager said to me, 'Adebayor, I don't need you anymore. You have to move on'.

"When I left Manchester City, I still had four years' contract left. So what am I looking for? Am I looking for even more contract?

"So when I came to Tottenham, the first year was on loan when everything went very well with Harry Redknapp. I came back, I signed, we got this new manager AVB, things are not going so well. Everybody said, 'He's signed his contract, he became lazy'.

"If I sign a contract today that says I am worth £1m, tomorrow I want to be worth £2m. If they give me £2m, I want £10m. That is what football is about.
"In Africa, when I was younger, what was I playing for? I remember playing for bananas. I remember playing for water. I don’t play for a contract. I love the game.

"Because we are stopping the season, now people are saying in the last games I am going to play for a contract. I don't play for a contract. I play because I love the game. I am passionate about the game."

I haven't heard anyone say he has been playing for a contract, it sounds rather like he has a chip on his shoulder, which is often the case when something is to accurate to be comfortable.

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He was asked about being hated by Arsenal fans and about who was the best manager he has worked under. He has worked for Arsene Wenger, Roberto Mancini, Jose Mourinho, Andre Villas-Boas, Mark Hughes, Harry Redknapp, Didier Deschamps, Tim Sherwood.

"I don’t want to know who is my enemy. All I want to know is who are my friends. My friends are Tottenham fans today. I play for Tottenham. I don’t care about Arsenal.

"Mourinho, Wenger is a good manager."

Ade is not one to take criticism very well, his response to Mancini didn't endear him to the manager.

"Mancini always had his way and then whenever he went into the club he was, like, I don’t want you. I want Balotelli to come and play for me because your scoring rate is not that good. I thought, OK, maybe you are talking about another Adebayor. I told him to go on the internet."

"That is what he told me. That my score ratio was not good enough to play for Manchester City. I was, ‘OK, if that’s the case, just Google me.’ Go on the internet.

"Google me and you will see I have been in this league for four or five years before going to Manchester City. Google me and see what I have done in this league. If I am not shooting enough, how am I going to score? I have put the ball into the net, how?"

You can see how he would have upset Mancini with those comments and you can imagine how he reacted to AVB when he was left out for Defoe.

If you keep Adebayor happy, and that means playing him, then you get a talented forward, keep him on the sidelines and you don't. It seems to be that simple with him.

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