FIFA and the Dark Ages

I happened to be listening to the Stephen Nolan show on BBC's Fivelive last night when the discussion of goal line technology came up.

Nolan welcomed the Irish F.A. Chairman (or Vice Chairman; it was late) onto the show. A few months back, both Wales and Ireland were against goal line technology, whilst England and Scotland were pro.

When asked why the Irish F.A. were against it, the interviewee said that "the technology would cost too much". To enable the chip in the ball to work, all clubs would need to add "electro-magnetic fields in and around their pitch and that would cost in excess of £500,000".

Stephen Nolan and Andy Hinchcliffe (remember his bender freekicks for Everton?) went off on one when they heard this.

Hinchcliffe: "It doesn't cost £500,000 to take a quick look at a monitor, does it!?"

Irish F.A.: "Well, that's what was on offer at the time and that's why we declined it".

Nolan: "Didn't any of you have the common sense to state that a quick look over at a monitor would be sufficient enough?"

Irish F.A.: "No."

Are all F.A's in the UK & Ireland run by numpty's? It sure looks that way.

Let's rewind back to the 2006 World Cup final between Zidane and Italy.

When the Maestro famously butted Materazzi in the chest, the ref clearly hadn't seen the incident, but sent off Zidane anyway. We all know that the 4th official (what are his responsibilities by the way?) had mentioned something to the ref via his headset, even though FIFA stated that wasn't the case.

Did any of you watch the Hawk-Eye used to assess if Lampard's goal went over the line?

Now I don't want to beat the drum about what ifs. If the goal had stood, England still may have lost the match. Let's not forget that the England side had an entire half to equalise, but failed to do so.

When is FIFA going to take football out of the dark ages?

Does something about this smell a bit off to you, or shouldn't I dwindle on conspiracy theories?

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