Yedlin v Walker v Naughton - The Visual Stats

DeAndre Yedlin will be a player to keep an eye on, he is playing MLS and will be stepping up a grade when he finally joins us after the Major League Soccer season finishes in January.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

Exactly what will happen then isn't yet clear, he may need a rest, he will certainly need time to learn our system and what Mauricio Pochettino wants from him, the club will need to look at him first hand and decide the best method going forward from there.

In the meantime the 21 year-old American is the responsibility of Steffen Freund, our new International Development Co-ordinator.

Squawka provide us with a comparison matrix so let's compare his stats against those of Kyle Walker and Kyle Naughton. They are from different leagues but it gives those that know little about him an idea. America is vast so sooner or later they are going to produce a superstar player and at the moment as there is little to compare them to they are cheap to buy.

First let's take a look at the basic scores they give the three players for attack, defence and possession.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

Next we'll look at passes, how many are forward, how many are made in total and a successful passes percentage figure.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

The next graphic shows us key passes, chances created and average pass length.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

Next we come to what percentage of the time do they successfully take on an opponent, what percentage of aerial duels they win and the percentage of overall duels with an opponent they win.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

Finally the graphic below shows the comparison in defence of interceptions, blocks and clearances.

Yedlin v Walker v Naughton

Well those are the stats, clearly he has an ability to work with and his performance in the World Cup against Belgium and against Bayern Munich, where he looked at home in both games, suggests we have signed a decent player for the future.

The deal was forged as I hoped when we toured America and Canada in pre-season, playing Seattle Sounders on the first leg. Yedlin got to see and meet us and we had a close look at him. Their minority owner and general manager Adrian Hanauer confirmed that the two sides did discuss Yedlin's future while we were in Seattle and negotiations continued from there. It was a move, he said, that Yedlin wanted, now that is good to hear.

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