Yedlin, Player tweets, The Emptycrates, Soldado, Pulis

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We should be looking for these 43 things in each player each game if we want to improve the squad.
Spurs need more players like Christian Eriksen and some are showing the signs that they have it too.
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It has suddenly become a massive season for the Tottenham future of Ryan Fredericks now.

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 54 that concerns recent news regarding DeAndre Yedlin, Player tweets, less attendance at Arsenal that quoted, Roberto Soldado and Tony Pulis.

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DeAndre Yedlin realises a dream in the same way Gareth Bale realised his. You have to work day in day out to achieve it and then prove you deserve to be there. That mindset is the mindset of a winner and we don't have enough of them at Spurs.

"I always hoped and dreamed that this would happen, but I never expected it to happen this soon. 
"It's all been kind of crazy, and there’s never really been time to look back. It’s one of those things you just have to take whatever comes at you and move on to the next thing."
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Brad Friedel welcomes his American compatriot DeAndre Yedlin while Andros Townsend shows his darts skills! Shaquile is more interested in his fashion.

Brad Friedel
Welcome aboard Tottenham Tallahassee!!!  I will no doubt see you soon!!!

Andros Townsend
Took my dartboard off the wall and found all these holes!

Shaquile Coulthirst
My Babies...

Harry Kane
Thank you everyone for your messages. I am delighted to have signed the new deal and look forward to the future with the club! COYS

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Erik Lamela looks to have bulked up a bit from the thin frame we saw last season and has been getting stuck in tackling back during pre-season, he looks as though he has done a lot of work and adapted his body strength to the additional requirements of the Premier League.


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Nobody likes supporting Arsenal it seems so they have to make figures up.

A report in the Daily Telegraph, which obtained the information from the A is for Arsenal blog, tells us that Arsenal add an extra 6,550 on average to make it look like they get a decent attendance at The Empty Crates Stadium. Against Fennerbache they claimed attendance figures 11,492 higher than were actually there!

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) record the number who actually turn up to games and Arsenal artificially inflated their attendance figures by nearly 174,000 they reveal.

Attendance figures at the 60,338-capacity ground were not 99.1% as released by Arsenal but in fact only 53,788 actually turned up, an attendance of just 89.1%.

The blog author, John, found TV had no affect on attendances, more people attend at weekends than midweek as you would expect and a surprise among the most popular games.

Southampton 5th
Norwich City 6th
Fulham 7th

Chelsea 18th
Bayern Munich 19th

Perhaps that suggests their supporters only turn for games they think they can win and North London derbies.

Last season an information request revealed that Manchester United were shown to have inflated their actual attendance figures by as much as 25,000!

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Portuguese new outlet A Bola are claiming FCPorto are interested in signing striker Roberto Soldado. They claim he is on a list of three they are interested in which includes Álvaro Vázquez of Getafe and Sergio Darder of Málaga.

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Tony Pulis has left Crystal Palace over transfer money on the same day they sign Martin Kelly from Liverpool for £1.5 million. When fit he's an £8 million right-back so that's a bloody good deal for Palace.

Manager of the Season to sacked without playing a game a competitive game, football is a funny business. That's what you get for beating a team 13-1 in pre-season, the chairman suddenly thinks the team is full of superstars.

All the reports were that he had sat down with Tony Pulis at the end of last season and agreed a transfer budget, now they are arguing over it, can only be one reason for that, the chairman has pulled the plug on the agreed investment.

Under Tony Pulis Crystal Palace had a 42% win ratio, before him 17%. Who says managers don't make a difference. Tottenham have got rid of a few looking for the right one who can make that sort of difference, even half that difference, hopefully we have found him now.

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