Yedlin at The Lane today?

DeAndre Yedlin is on a plane right now no doubt to have a look round Tottenham and watch the Schalke friendly.

Yedlin at The Lane today?

Will his signing be announced at the Schalke game and he be introduced to the crowd?

The American media have been asking questions of Owner & General Manager Adrian Hanauer at a press conference. He was asked about the Yedlin situation.

"He is visiting a big club in Europe working towards a transaction. Any potential deal would be structured to keep Yedlin in Seattle through the rest of this year. He is expected to return for Sunday and remain through to the end of season and potentially longer."

Seattle Sounders coach Sigi Schmid also at the conference was asked why Yedlin missed training today but was very brief and wouldn't elaborate.

"DeAndre is overseas right now" 

It seems pretty clear that they have been told not to say anything so we can announce it first. As I have said before this deal is going through and we are getting a young right-back in January with a ton of potential. He has pace, a vital requirement for advanced full-backs these days, likes to overlap and can cross a ball.

Yedlin is a player that will be exciting to see how he develops, his performances in Brazil made him stand out as a player to watch. He will have asked Clint Dempsey all about Tottenham and his agents will have discussed game time and received assurances he would get a deal of it.

He needs to be playing and even though the loan window is shut in America that isn't a problem so a deal has already been struck or there is a loophole we are using to get round it. He had his medical Friday so it looks as if I was right and the paperwork had already been done subject to a medical.

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The deal is for £3.5 million which is £2.08 million and may well turn out to be a bargain. He will be a mainstay of the USA side for years to come and the growth in the game makes having a star player who can have a significant influence over here a huge asset.

Manchester United are big in Japan for the same reason and in marketing the time to be on a big wave is at the very beginning, you ride it, we now have that chance so the States is going to be an important market for us.

Simply having a player isn't good enough he has to play to have a major impact so Yedlin has not been bought as a marketing tool but as a footballer who can contribute, with the marketing side a bonus.

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