Yedlin £2.08m looks a certainty

The £2.08 million (€2.62m - $3.5m) transfer of DeAndre Yedlin to Tottenham should be completed in the next few days although he won't be moving to Tottenham just yet.

DeAndre Yedlin joining Tottenham Hotspur

People close to the deal are indicating that he will be loaned back to Seattle Sounders, even though the transfer window has closed. This are slightly more complicated in the USA but for Yedlin to be loaned back the deal had to be completed 2 days ago.

That presumably means that the paperwork for the loan has already been done and submitted before the date, ahead of finalising a few details. That would suggest that the deal is a certainty, having already been signed in advance.

Once the MLS season has finished Yedlin will join up with Tottenham in January and despite speculation he would then be loaned out, no decision has been made as to his future after that. Mauricio Pochettino would want to assess him and he would need to learn the Spurs system but he is an exciting talent who may then need a rest.

Steffan Freund in his new role as International Technical Co-ordinator will be looking after Yedlin while he is on loan in America and will be responsible for his development. In a soccer city, Seattle get the largest average crowds in Major League Soccer, Spurs name will now be to the fore. Children who are Yedlin fans now may well follow Tottenham.

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The US has the worlds largest economy, the worlds third-largest population and spends a fortune on sport. Footholds and building on them can not be stressed enough and for Tottenham, looking to cement their name in the country, signing an American star is an important step.

Former Tottenham striker and now USA national coach Jürgen Klinsmann has repeatedly stressed the importance of American players securing loans to European sides where they can experience a 'football culture' and bring that experience back to America to improve the MLS.

The best American players are behind the best in the rest of the world so being exposed to the best coaches and the best players is the fastest way to improve. An American player coming to a major league is big news and creates interest, people follow their exports. Signing a rising star is a smart piece of business from Daniel Levy, especially from a club that already has a Tottenham link, both Kasey Keller and Clint Dempsey played for both clubs.

I look forward to watching him develop, he looks like a player with tremendous potential and could easily become a crowd favourite.

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