What do Spurs fans want! We won.

You have to pull your hair out with Spurs fans at times, yes we are all different ages, yes we all see things differently and have our own opinions, which is healthy, but sometimes a little bit of common sense does seem to go out the window.

What do Spurs fans want!

We didn't look impressive, it's going to be a long season, we didn't see much evidence of the pressing etc etc. What exactly do these people want?

Firstly it's the opening day of the season, nobody looked 'impressive' it was simply about getting a result for everyone and we achieved that. But we didn't score until the 93rd minute, so what, we scored didn't we, we didn't we, we could have just passed it around for a draw, we did an Arsenal and nicked it at the end, how many times did they do that last season?

The massive massive factor that seems to have been overlooked is we had a man sent off after 29 minutes. We were playing a London derby against a team who had beaten us 3 times last season away from home. In that situation it is backs to the wall, keep the score at 0-0 and hope to nick it, that's the best you can expect, well that's what we delivered.

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Were we supposed to pass them off the park with 1 less man? Was Erik Lamela supposed to jink round 6 players and tuck the ball away, was Lennon supposed to go tearing down the wing? We are a team who play with 2 defensive midfielders now, we had to play the game with 1.

The high press. We had 10 men, you can't play a high press with a man down, if it doesn't work half your side is out he game, there will always be a spare man for them to pass to. The high press had to be abandoned in favour of the two line defensive approach, the back line and the midfield line. Creativity and attacking have to go out the window to a large extent and the lone striker is simply isolated.

Anything else is a bonus, we battled as we had to and the side deserve credit for gaining the win, as to basing how we are going to do this season on a game with a man down, that's in my view ludicrous.

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