VIDEO Highlights AEL 1 SPURS 2

Well I got to see 69 minutes of it before the disjointed stream went and sods law we scored two goals after that. However I have the goal highlights for you including a belter from Soldado.

VIDEO Highlights AEL 1 SPURS 2

The first half was poor, the midfield kept getting caught in front of the ball so as soon as we lost it they were out the game leaving Bentaleb and the defence to cope.

14 minutes and Vertonghen under no pressure tries a pass across the half way line but it is cut out. We get the ball back but a daft interchange of passes 2 yards apart between Vertonghen and Paulinho goes wrong leaving the attacker a free run at goal from 40 yards and he slots his shot past Lloris into the corner of the net. 1-0 down.

20 mins an attack but we want to play too many passes and nobody actually has a shot
23 mins Townsend gives away a free kick on the edge of the box, deflected for a corner
24 mins Naughton with time gives the ball way, they switch play and a cross  ends up with a diving header that can't be controlled.
25 mins Townsend cross from the right just too high for Harry Kane
27 mins Davies sells himself, dangerous cross saved on the floor by Lloris.
29 mins Kane tried a shot from 40 yards easily saved
31 mins Kane makes his own room for a shot from the edge of the box, well saved
33 mins an excellent ball in behind Davies and Lloris has to race out to clear the danger 12 yards out
35 mins mazy run from Kane, looked like a foul but not given, they break and Holtby crashes into the back on the man on the ball angry a free kick wasn't given and gets booked.
43 mins desperate block from Vertonghen prevents a shot on target

They looked dangerous attacking a stretched defence at times, it was as if the midfield didn't have enough respect for their opponents and took them lightly. Pochettino could be seen permanently in the technical area, frequently wandering from one end to the other. He wouldn't have been happy with what he was seeing.

We didn't seem that dangerous in the second half either but Lamela came on and crossed for a sublime Soldado volley before slipping a short pass to Kane who beat his man and blasted the ball into the net. Mention must be made of an excellent off the ball run from Soldado to take the defender out the middle and create the hole for Kane to exploit.

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