VIDEO: 6-1 Pitch eye view, worth seeing Eriksen goal

A supporter in the crowd has posted a 9 minute video that gives a pitch eye view of the Tottenahm Celtic game. It includes a very good shot of Christian Eriksen scoring from his free kick, you get to see the pace and curl he puts on the ball. The video also includes Emmanuel Adebayor scoring a penalty.

Watch Christian Eriksen score from a free kick

It always looks so different from ground level so take a look at 9.24 minutes worth and you'll see aspects of our formation and play in action.

Towards the beginning you'll see Ben Davies wide stretching play when we have the ball is on the other side of the field and running back inside when we lose it. With the ball played back to Friedel Kaboul and Fryers go wide, defensive midfielders in front of them and advanced full-backs in front of them.

This is a standard set up so a poor clearance from Friedel is won in midfield our full-back look out of position, they aren't, that's just how the modern full-back plays. They need speed to sprint back which is when you hear cry from fans on forums moaning Walker for instance, is out of position. Against Celtic they were Naughton and Davies during this video.

Also early on one pass shows why we have found another player in Ryan Mason wearing number 38. Fans have remarked on his passing but one pass to the far side of the field showed why he looks a good passer of the ball, vision.

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A player should be constantly looking to see and remind himself of where everyone is, opponents and his own players, Mason appears to know where his teammates are. He receives the ball from Davies and immediately turns to ping a cross field ball to the right wing without the delay of looking to see what his options are. Players like that stand out from the crowd, they appear to have longer on the ball than anyone else but all it is is vision.

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