Townsend to Southampton, no chance

The newspapers always like to try come up with a different story from the other papers and the transfer window is an ideal time for that, they can merrily link players with clubs.

Townsend to Southampton, no chance

Clubs will give out false information to generate interest or leak details of a deal or aspects of a contract, managers do the same and the agents job is to get the best deal for his player so to leak stories of a top club chasing their client, even when they are not, raises his profile to any other interested party. If you are likely to lose something it makes you act to secure it yourself.

Andros Townsend gets linked left, right and centre, why because he doesn't start every game therefore the press determine that he must want to leave and that Spurs want to sell him. Tottenham however are not interested in selling him and have rebuffed every enquiry.

Southampton comically suggested £27 million for 2 cap Frenchman Morgan Schneiderlin but then only £10 million for 5 cap Englishman Andros Townsend, who before breaking into the Spurs side and England side last season was an £8 million player. Now of course he is in the £15 million bracket the same as Schneiderlin, attacking players are generally valued higher than defensive players as they win games.

A Southampton £10 million bid would stand no chance, a swap might (Tottenham are set to bid £17 million - €21.25m for Schneiderlin), but even that would be unlikely as while Lewis Holtby is the understudy to Lamela, Andros Townsend the understudy to Lennon, although he can play on both sides. The returning World Cup players are central midfielders and don't offer what Townsend can offer, that vital ingredient of pace.

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Tottenham could well be playing around 55 games this season (54 last season with no FA Cup run) so there will be plenty of playing time for Townsend, the game is a squad game now, no longer just a team game.

He made an impact against tiring legs and against 10 men on Saturday at West Ham, he may well figure on Thursday in Cyprus against AEL Limassol, depending upon how Mauricio Pochettino wants to approach the tie, that is still an unknown for us.

I certainly have been critical of Townsend, he inability to pass and mental approach mainly. On Saturday he started to link better, everything was not aimed at him having a yet, yes he got himself into central positions to do so but that is part of the system we play now. It worked rather well Saturday, Lennon did the donkey work defending and then made way for Townsend to do the attacking later in the game.

That and the fact that he had his mental approach right when he came on as a sub is a step in the right direction and I'm happy to give him credit where credit is due. He only broke into the side last season and is still learning, if he keeps those two points on board he'll have a good future at Tottenham because he does have ability.

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