Townsend is wrong

Andros Townsend reveals the thought process of a loser even though it may sound like the thought process of a winner.

Andros Townsend a mental failure

In his Sun column he demonstrated why he'll never be a winner, suggesting that you shouldn't have big aims but instead should aim to win trophies.

All sounds fine on the face of it but it demonstrates a distinct lack of understanding about mental attitude, about improving something to get to where you want to be. He has consistently shown the wrong mental approach when he is on the bench and if it is wrong there it is wrong everywhere. He could be so much better than he actually is but while his mental approach is wrong he'll always be holding himself back.

As a substitute you should be studying the game, not simply having half an eye on it or watching it through fans eyes. You know that if you are going to get on, roughly where the manager is going to put you, so you should be studying your main opponent, in his case the the full-back.

You should study what he does so you know exactly how to beat him, exactly how he is going to react on that day to a certain situation. You should be studying your teammates so you know what they do is certain situations also.

When you warm up you shouldn't be spending your time laughing and joking with the crowd, by all means acknowledge them, but again you study your opponent. Why?

So when you do come on you are totally focused and ready, you are already up to speed with the game, you don't come on and then try and do all the educational bits you should have already done. The result is the sub who prepares performs, fitting into the game as if he has been playing for the whole of it. The sub who doesn't, doesn't perform, taking his time to 'get up to speed' with the game and last season Townsend didn't perform at all as a sub.

The clear attitude is I'm not a part of this until I actually get onto the field, well sorry that's wrong, that a failures approach.

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Football is no different than anything else in life. Most people just amble through it without any aim or ambition. An ambition you do nothing about isn't an ambition, it's just a fantasy, a dream, it's meaningless.

To achieve anything in life you have to have an end goal, stated, written down and a goal you totally believe in. That is your main aim.

To achieve that aim you then break it down into a series of smaller aims that are steps towards your main aim. Again you must write these down, if you don't you won't achieve them, if you just think you can keep them in your head, you're wrong, you won't remain focused on them, you won't think about and therefore act on them after your initial excitement period.

A manager has to have a plan of what he wants to achieve and then break that down into smaller goals. So if the big goal is to win the Premier League, you would need to climb from mid table, get into Europe regularly, then Champions League places, then the title. Along the way you may well have objectives of winning smaller trophies, a Cup or a European trophy.

What you do not do, because if you do you'll never achieve anything, is to say we can't achieve the big aim, the most we can achieve is this lesser target.

Atl├ętico Madrid just won La Liga and missed out on winning the Champions League by seconds with a budget the size of Fulham. Barcelona and Real Madrid swept aside in the League and very nearly in the Champions League. Did they achieve that because they made the 'mistake' of having a big aim instead of merely winning a trophy?

By focusing on a lesser prize because you don't feel you can achieve a bigger prize is effectively  accepting failure.

If you have a big aim, you will achieve smaller aims along the way, if you aim for the title you will achieve Champions League if you fail, aim fr Champions League you will achieve European football if you fail. Within that you try to win every game so you will have domestic Cup runs but if you focus on a domestic Cup then say goodbye to improving as a club, say goodbye to European football if you fail.

I have long said the Spurs players need a Sports psychologist and Andros Townsend is a prime example, his whole game is me, me, me, me, me. Mentally he is useless, mentally he is a loser, yet he is an England footballer, hardly surprising England are hopeless on the World stage.

To achieve anything you must have total, unshakable belief in it, Andros Townsend doesn't have that, so how can we achieve it if he plays? How many others have that mental attitude?

When I suggest to improve Spurs as a club we must look to the mental side of the game it's because it will have the biggest difference. We must research and buy only the players who have the right mental attitude, not the I'm too lazy I can't be bothered player we buy instead.

Your off field mental approach reveals your on field mental approach. If a player isn't going to think right, he isn't going to be the best he can be, he'll think he can just flick a switch when he crosses the white line and suddenly improve, he wont, you improve off the field, not on it. You have done all the hard work, the preparation.

If you don't prepare the mind as well you are wasting your time. Spurs must mentally prepare and change mental approaches or rid themselves of mental failures like Townsend.

Sport is all in the mind. A focused mentally prepared player will beat a let's lower our expectation player every day.

A club with focused players will beat a club with players who don't think they can achieve.

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