Strachan - Pochettino is one of the top 3 managers in the world

Gordan Strachan - "I think he is one of the top 3 managers in the world right now, I really do."

Pochettino is one of the top 3 managers in the world

Those were Gordon Strachan's opening words for the commentary team on ITV4 tonight. He was talking about Mauricio Pochettino because as a manager he has brought something new to the Premier League. Strachan was a player and manager himself so when a manager rates another manager it's worth listening.

He felt the players were happy at White Hart Lane, that this squad has the quality to challenge in all competitions, they are that good he said in his closing remarks. It's nice to know a former national team manager rates our man so highly and our squad so highly, a squad we are still looking to improve.

The Argentinian boss was not happy with the first half performance of some of his side against AEL Limassol. Clarke Carlisle  talks a lot of nonsense but then intersperses it with accurate observations, he's a frustrating commentator. He pointed out it's no good playing for yourself in a system because it won't please the manager. He wants them to do as they are asked to do, that will impress him.

Mauricio Pochettino could be seen throwing his arm in the air and sitting back in his seat as if annoyed when Harry Kane tucked away the first goal. He was basically saying that's what we should have done earlier.

Paulinho looks lost, there are rumours he is on his way, he was aware enough to cut out a pass and play Kane in. That was all he did in the first half and I suspect that Pochettino's annoyance was aimed at Paulinho for not playing how he has been asked to play. However in the second half he improved immensely. He scored after 4 minutes but he was chasing the ball back as the side where closer to the strikers and AEL had no space to play the ball out from the back.

Dembele stepped up his game from the first leg and had a good first half playing a lovely long ball to put Kyle Naughton in who was then taken out by the goalkeeper for a penalty, which Kane missed after a 7 minute injury delay. The keepers head had smashed into Naughton's knee and he went off to hospital with concussion and and blood coming from his damaged nose.

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The Spurs players must have got a rocket at half-time because we saw a different team in the second half, the same layers but a different team. Four the first 4 minutes Tottenham harried, chased, attacked, lost the ball, immediately chased it back, lost it, chased it back, lost it, chased it back and scored. In those first 4 minutes AEL kept getting the ball but couldn't get it out of their own half. 

The were some two stand out performances. Sandro and Harry Kane. Sandro played as he did before his injury. Until now he has been very ordinary but in this game he showed why Daniel Levy is not entertaining the £7.96 million ($13.18m - €10m) bids being made.

You could read his performance three ways, he wanted to show perspective buyers what he could do or he now knows he's staying and wanted to show Mauricio Pochettino what he could do or thirdly he is only just returning to full fitness. Take your pick, whichever fits your view.

Harry Kane missed chances, missed a penalty but he also scored and was always available for the ball. He brought people into play, he played the ball off first time, he held on to the ball and held the defenders off before lying the ball off.

It was a game for the second ream who got the result and then took the foot off the gas once we were 3-0 up. Objective achieved, European football to keep the squad happy.

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