Spurs to remain a selling club

Former  Tottenham midfielder and a favourite of mine, Micky Hazard, has been speaking on one of his regular visit to talksport.

Spurs to remain a selling club

Hazard, now a taxi driver, is just like the rest of us fans and would like to see an end to sales of major players.

“Lloris has just signed a new contract, so I hope the club will keep hold of him for at least another year.

“But, as we found with Bale, if he wants to leave he will do. Bale behaved in the same manner, he signed a five-year deal and then we got £87million for him from Real Madrid, so if the same happens with Lloris then fine.

“But I hope he stays because he’s absolutely top draw, Lloris is the key for Spurs.
“One of the problems the club has had in recent years is that we’ve let all our best players go.
“If we had been able to keep hold of the likes of Bale, Modric and Berbatov we could have qualified for the Champions League and maybe even challenged for the Premier League. 
“It’s a problem the club has to address, we can’t keep letting our top players go because they always go on to be successful somewhere else.”

The theory is brilliant but in the real world unless Champions League is achieved then they simply won't stay. Gareth Bale stayed an extra season and we still didn't get Champions League, the club kept bottling it at the end of the season.

How long does a star player wait?

Each season is a year ticking by on a short career, thus they have to rise to the highest level they can and time is limited. As it is Spurs don't have any stars, Lloris is quality but quality keepers are quite common,it's quality outfield players that make the difference.

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You have the Premier League, then you have Europa League clubs, then the money clubs. Without money top players are always going to leave as we are a stepping stone. If you want players to stay then they have to have a sense of belonging to Tottenham and as I have written before that starts when they are 8 and rises with them through the academy.

We have to maximise the link with Tottenham and our current policy of 'mercenary footballers' fights against that. If you can't build that link where they player feels he wants to achieve things with Spurs he'll be off quicker and we'll have to produce even more talent just to have the same number of players available.

However that isn't a route we are going down as the appointment of Steffen Freund shows. An increase in overseas partnerships and loan deals to fast track player development is the blueprint future for Spurs so remaining a selling club until a group of these players come together to give us success in on the cards.

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