Spurs pay Liga de Futbol Profesional the Fazio fee

Federico Fazio is expected to be at White Hart Lane on Thursday sitting in the stands as a Tottenham player having signed a 4-year-deal with an additional year option.

Spurs pay Liga de Futbol Profesional the Fazio fee

Mauricio Pochettino wants him here so he can start to integrate him into the side alongside Jan Vertonghen, who was back to his best on Sunday. That will mean he and Dier can replace Vlad Chiriches and Michael Dawson in the squad. Club captain Dawson has had late interest from Newcastle United, who themselves have to offload one of three centre-backs to be able to bring Dawson in, if they are to hijack his move to Hull City.

This last week of the transfer window will be busy. It is complicated by the UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Champions League qualification play-off games. Teams don't want to buy players until they know which competitions they will be playing in as they'll have a different budget if for instance they qualify for the Champions League or fail to qualify for it.

Napoli are a case in point as they attempt to qualify for the UEFA Champions League. They drew their first leg 1-1 at home to Athletic Bilbao, if they can get through the second away leg then they will strengthen the team in the remaining days of the window, with Sandro being a target. Without a guaranteed amount of monsy from that competition they will have a reduced budget this season and that obviously affects transfer activity and wages.

Inter are another side who had to get through a qualification round linked with our players, although for them it's The UEFA Europa League. It works the other way as well of course, failing to qualify may put pressure on a wage bill and necessitate a late sale to balance the books.

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Fans like to call it Levy time but in truth most clubs wait until this time to do business, a lot of deals are agreed in principle if certain factors fall into place.

Sevilla while not stopping the sale of Fazio have apparently been putting every obstacle they could in the way and slowing the process down, not to keep him but to be awkward. According to the Spanish press they don't like doing business with us, at least that's the slant they have put on things.

As for Fazio, well there seems to be a clause that a buying club can pay the Spanish league his buyout fee with the VAT @20% so Sevilla are insisting we pay that and not the players. I believe means we are actually paying £1.59 million ($2.64m - €2m) extra to buy him, so £9.55 million ($15.83m - €12m).

Sevilla sporting director Monchi confirmed the sale will happen as soon as the LDP (Liga de Futbol Profesional) in Madrid receive the money, which I understand has happened this morning.

"It seems that Tottenham is willing to pay the clause. We are waiting to see the money in the league. 
"We are not going to negotiate with anyone. Two months ago we talked about his renewal, but it was not possible. 
"When an English team appears interested in one of our players it is difficult because they can multiply player salaries."

He has had two operations on his ankle but a medical isn't expected to prove a hurdle, we would know all about his medical history. Sevilla manager Unai Emery told reporters on Friday that Fazio had progressed significantly, from what I understand especially his reading of the game apparently. He now has a high number of interceptions as a result.

“We cannot deny the fact he gave a very high level of performance in his last game, the Super Cup, which was instrumental in teams being interested. 
“Clearly we would all prefer him to stay, but thinking about tomorrow's game we will have to look elsewhere. The player has constantly given his all to Sevilla. It remains only that we wish him well. 
“When I arrived he was criticised as a player and about to leave for an amount much lower than this. But he has grown so much, and in his renewed contract his price was set far above what was previously offered for him. 
“But his performances have been so high that he has outgrown that clause. Fazio is worth more than that, but those are the rules of the game."

Whether he goes straight into the team on Sunday or whether we give him a week to get used to us we'll have to wait and see, the latter I would have thought but Pochettino is keen for Vertonghen to have a new partner with Kaboul not shaping up to the level we require at the moment.

Football is a tough cut throat business that has no place for sentiment. When a player, for whatever reason, no longer performs at the level is is capable of then you either do intensive work with him or you sell him and bring in a replacement.

Dawson despite being Spurs through and through for the last nine years is on his way, Chiriches didn't match up he's on his way, Kaboul is not matching up either so another purchase is not ruled out.

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