Spurs continue to build for the future

After impressing last season when given his chance by Tim Sherwood Harry Kane has been offered and signed a new 5-year-contract.

A series of starts towards the end of the season show him not only score goals to prove to himself and us that he can but put in performances that contributed and showed he deserved his place. For the first time he showed he could lay at Premier League level and that the faith the coaches had in him was not misplaced.

Only a week ago I wrote how he had been at the club 10 years and it felt like home to him, That is just what we want from people coming through the ranks and why it's so important to have the role models like Michael Dawson who give the youngsters a club man role model to aspire to.
Kane development important for Spurs identity

Fans of course rarely change their spots especially with a young player learning the ropes, players it seems for some shouldn't learn ropes they should be the finished article superstars at birth. Anyone who knows anything about youth development will tell you they are going to make mistakes, will tell you that you put them up a level and force them to improve.

You don't improve playing against the same level, you have to be pushed, tested and they have to learn from it. That progression isn't instantaneous, it takes time, it's a road with success and failure to learn from but you have to persevere if you believe in the individual. If they believe in themselves they will come good.

Harry Kane is progressing year on year, people forget he is only 21, just 21 last month. Players in the UK take longer to develop than other parts of the world because clubs want ready made players so youth is blocked, whereas abroad you is played early, that's the difference between a game about money and a game about football.

This season he is the third choice striker but Mauricio Pochettino has also used him in the centre of the three behind the lone striker against Celtic. He has also been used on the left so it looks as though he is being developed to fill a variety of roles.

In the current system all of the front four must be goalscorers to maximise the threat to the opposition, if you only have one goal threat it's easier to defend against, two is harder but four is harder still. This season the club and fans will be looking for him to push on and find the net on a regular basis.

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