Soldado, Schneidrlin v Bale, 6th, Anderton, Lloris, Squad numbers, 7 debutants

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Before we get into today's Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 53 here is a quick delve into some related articles to today's news that you may have missed.

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With the West Ham game coming up we'll take a look at the defence today and three articles that discuss it.

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Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 53 that concerns recent news regarding Fredy Guarín and Roberto Soldado, Morgan Schneiderlin, the final Premier League table, Darren Anderton, Hugo Lloris, Squad numbers and Spurs history.

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One of the most stupid stories of the summer appears on Football Fancast where they claim Tottenham want Fredy Guarín in return for Roberto Soldado (£26 million - €32.49m) and £10 million (€12.49m) in cash!

They have lifted the story from the Daily Express and quite who has dreamt up such a daft piece of transfer speculation is a mystery.

Guarín is a player Inter permanently try to sell and is permanently in the papers being linked with one club or another, these reports must either come from his agent or from Inter themselves. WE have looked at him before but his asking price had always been too high at £18 million (€22.49m).

You start to see now why this story is so absurd, £18 million (€22.49m) is too expensive so we'll give them more! Also he is 28-years old and doesn't fit in with our policy of buying players who will improve and grow in sell-on value.

The Colombian international has been surplus to requirements for over a year, yet to maintain his transfer price they gave him a new contract in March util 2018. Reports from Italy suggest Inter want £14 million (€17.49m) cash now, things are financially tight for them despite being a big club.

All summer we have had reports linking Sandro with a host of sides and all sorts of stories attempting to suggest Italian clubs will be able to get him and Soldado on the cheap. It's about time they gave it a rest and about time mug reporters saw through such rubbish and reported it for what it is.

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Morgan Schneiderlin claims he has a verbal agreement that he would be allowed to leave when he signed his 4-year contract in February 2013. Southampton are refusing to honour that agreement at the moment, which would certainly explain his anger when he was told he can't leave.

Now we at Tottenham not only know about transfer soap operas but we know about these gentleman's agreements too. A certain Gareth Bale had a gentleman's agreement, in other words a verbal agreement, with Daniel Levy to give Spurs one extra year and in return we would let him go if a 'decent'offer came in. The word 'decent' was reported as 'outstanding' and in various other forms but the idea was the same, for a high enough offer we would let him go.

His agent, Jonathan Barnett, conformed that Daniel Levy kept his word and that the Bale sale was negotiated over 110 days. Daniel Levy wanted the best financial deal for Spurs and drove a hard bargain in a deal that with the Champions League win for Real Madrid is thought to be £101 million (€126.19m).

Will Southampton honour their gentleman's agreement the way Tottenham did, are they just driving a hard bargain or are they reneging on a promise? We'll find out in just over a couple of weeks.

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Bloomberg Sports have asked their 'super computer' to predict the final Premier League table this season and it looks like this. Tottenham to finish 6th.

Tottenham News Shorts

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Former Tottenham and England right winger Darren Anderton has been talking to talkSPORT about the season ahead and his expectation matches that of the computer, sixth.

“I think they will probably finish sixth. I just think the top four will probably be the same.  
“I think it’s difficult to break into that and of course, [Manchester] United have got to do better this year. So I think they will probably get into the top five. 
“I don’t think that’s a bad thing, it’s just not easy to break into there. 
“We had a couple of years when we were in there but we’ve fallen away the last couple of years. Last year was a bit disappointing.”

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Hugo Lloris conducted a Q&A session on Facebook with fans and was asked who had the trickiest shot to save he went for one of the Summer Seven,  Christian Eriksen.

"Eriksen. You cannot read his shot.”

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The squad numbers for our new signings according to the list we have submitted to UEFA are Eric Dier 15 and Ben Davies 33. Michel Vorm is not in the squad for the UEFA Europa League qualifying stages.

Other squad numbers include Ryan Mason 38, Tom Carroll 28, Etienne Capoue 29 and Nacer Chadli 22.

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On this day in 2004 Paul Robinson, Phil Ifil, Nourredine Naybet, Erik Edman, Pedro Mendes and Sean Davis made their debut's and Thimothee Atouba made his debut as a substitute, that makes seven! 

We drew 1-1 with Liverpool at home. Spurs finished the season 9th having finished 14th the year before, seems seven new signings doesn't make that mush difference so perhaps now we can stop making excuses for them and expect them to perform.

In 1999 Norwegian midfielder Oyvind Leonhardsen scored his debut goal for us in a 2-1 win at Everton on the opening day of the season.

In 1993 in a 1-0 opening day win at Newcastle United Defender Colin Calderwood and midfielder Jason Dozzell make their Tottenham debuts.

In 1984 we signed prolific striker Clive Allen from Queens Park Rangers for £700,000.

Happy 33rd birthday for former Tottenham winger Matthew Etherington and happy 63rd birthday to former centre-half John Lacy.

Today in 1971 Ralph Coates made his debut against Wolves in a 2-2 home draw.

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