Schneiderlin the latest Spurs saga that leaves you numb

It feels very strange, this Morgan Schneiderlin affair, the shoe being on the other foot for a change, when you are the victim you know how to feel, but the perceived bully, how should we feel? I don't know.

Morgan Schneiderlin wants Tottenham move

Tottenham are used to summer transfer window transfer saga's, we seem to have one every year. However usually it is because a bigger club has come in for one of our players and we don't want to let them go naturally.

Berbatov had a sulk and effectively went on strike both on and off the field. At the last moment and it appeared without permission he turned up in Manchester and in the end we accepted £30 million in the dying moments of the window.

The it was Chelsea offering a pittance for Luka Modric when we had him disappearing, not wanting to train and impersonating Ray Wilkins during a couple of games. every pass was short, backwards or sideways. He played at 50% going through the motions.

That summer we hung onto him and fair play he knuckled down when the window shut and had a great season. Next summer it's Real Madrid here we go again. In the end he goes for £30 million (€37.53m) and a nice Champions League winning add-on clause (believed to be £5 million - €6.25m).

Then it Gareth Bale and his boyhood dream to play for Real Madrid, a dream every football supporter should be able to perfectly understand. After hard negotiations he promised us one more year to try and get into the Champions League places and if not he could leave for a decent offer. No fan can argue that he gave us everything that season and carried us. We were a one man team and he won 8 or 9 games himself, rescued us in Europe and elevated himself to superstar status.

Cue last summer and the Bale saga began again. We had our price and Real Madrid had theirs, they ere miles apart so Bale goes on strike, refusing to train, refusing to play, refusing to come out of the changing room in a Spurs shirt on our trip to the Far East.

Eventually a world record £86 million (€107.57m) fee with another hefty add-on clause (believed to be a further £15 million - €18.76m) in Real Madrid won the Champions League, they did.

This summer it is all change, nobody wants our underachievers, their value hasn't risen and everyone realises if Daniel Levy can't get his money back nobody would be going anywhere. With transfer values having therefore dropped we have been spared another summer of torment.

But it wouldn't be summer without a saga so now we want a player, we are the bigger club. We have learnt how Real Madrid do things using the press constantly to unsettle a player but we haven't played that game, no it's a case of sit and wait for us. Schneiderlin knows he is wanted and just like everyone else will no doubt have agreed personal terms in principle even though officially parties have never spoken.

I suppose the situation is somewhat different because of the asset stripping going on by the owner as she prepares the club for sale. A failure to give any assurances to management and players in January and indeed simply refusing to speak to the players has meant they all want out. A mutiny brought about by mismanagement, unless of course that was the plan all along.

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The players after the season they had had would have wanted nice pay rises but without additional commercial income that wouldn't be possible (an owner can't pay wages) so maybe this situation as planned, but not to quite this extent. Now they have to try and save face so we get to watch a player trying to force a move instead of enduring one of ours trying to force a move.

Fans will be split, some will want shot of him now he has no desire to play for them and is effectively on strike, others will shout he should honour his contract, a quaint notion in today's player power football world.

I have no idea where I stand on the issue, do I want him to kick up a fuss, that would be double standards having been on the receiving end, it's not pleasant and you have to feel sorry for the Southampton fans going through it.

He is just another player, I don't know enough about him to be fussed whether he arrives or not. I understand why we want him, he is a playmaking defensive midfielder as opposed to simply a destroying defensive midfielder in the Sandro mould. It's a role Bentaleb can fill though, Mason looks as though he could be a find and Capoue looked total quality when he arrived.

I can fully understand all the words coming out of Southampton insisting he will play for them, we have heard it all before, it's all pretty meaningless and designed to apply pressure, win public support, appease supporters, it's just a media game.

The latest is from the new manager, Ronald Koeman, who looks from the outside as if he has been sold a dud. If media reports are correct he was told players wouldn't be sold, but clearly he wasn't given the whole story, rather just the boards rose tinted view of it, he wouldn't have been told they had totally pissed off the players.

“The situation is difficult because the player makes it difficult. I spoke to him with our chairman and the situation has not changed – we won’t sell Schneiderlin and he has to accept that. 
“I’m not so much angry because there’s some different influences around the player. Maybe Tottenham is pressing the player, maybe the agent. 
“Tomorrow he is not in the squad. He said he is not physically and, even more importantly, mentally prepared for the game. On one side I can understand that. 
“We told him to take the weekend off and think about the situation but if this is still the situation next week then Morgan has a big problem. 
“First of all, you have to know you signed a contract and you have to respect your contract. He will continue as a football player of Southampton. Now it is up to him.”

A totally pissed off player in a dressing room, how will that pan out if he if forced to stay? Will he then be disruptive, will he go through the motions on the football field, misplacing passes and operating at 50%? He wouldn't be the first.

That wonderful phrase ' he isn't mentally prepared' means he's on strike so it's doubtful he'll be playing the first two Premier League games, he wouldn't want to get injured to jeopardise any potential move. He is going through the motions in training, training to keep himself fit but not taking part in team exercises if ITK is to be believed, and I see know reason why it shouldn't.

We at Spurs have seen it all before, we know it will be happening, we know it will go down to the wire, which way will it go, I can't say as I'm fussed really, it all leaves you a bit numb.

Whatever happens he will have missed playing in pre-season and we know it can take half a season to catch everyone else up so he isn't going to be ready at 100% in September whoever he is playing for.

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