Pochettino tells fans more than many realise

Mauricio Pochettino kept making one very important point during the post match interview with Spurs TV, he kept stressing the players showed a very good attitude.

Pochettino tells fans more than many realise

That attitude goes far deeper than putting in a decent performance, it's taking on board everything he is doing, buying into what he wants to achieve, enjoying working within a new system and being clinical in performances.

It all ties together, you can't turn on and turn off being clinical, you have to do it all the time so that when a game is tight a clinical finish you are used to making will seal a victory. If you think it is something you can turn on and turn off you'll soon be saying weren't we unlucky today, we could have won that. Nothing to do with luck, everything to do with the right ingrained attitude.

"It was a very good training session for us, one more session. After the result it seems like an easy game but it’s never easy to play against a young team like Celtic but we are really pleased with the players because they have a very good attitude. 
"We are very happy because we had a very good attitude, this the more important thing, yes 6 different scorers is good,it's good for the squad and the players. We are very pleased with the attitude and the performance. 
“It’s always important to return the players like the Adebayor, Bentaleb or Sandro, they stay with the team, the squad, always is I think a very important thing.
“Always when you compete it’s an important test, always.
“For us it’s another training session to arrive at the season in the best condition. Congratulations to the players because today they showed a very good attitude."

Mauricio Pochettino recognises it, I suspect our hierarchy recognise it and it's part of the reason he was appointed. Time for the players to recognise it and produce it.

Enjoy bench life if you don't buy into it and then look for another club, winners only required here.

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