Pochettino - Our method is easy

Mauricio Pochettino says Tottenham Hotspur have an easy method pf playing football ahead of the English Premier League (EPL) clash with rivals Liverpool at White Hart Lane on Sunday.

Mauricio Pochettino - Our method is easy

Liverpool thrashed Tottenham twice last season which is a big thing for the press but not for Mauricio Pochettino as he prepares for the televised game on Sunday.

"The past is the past. I don't want to remember the past. It is a new season, I think a different style, different philosophy. Liverpool invested a lot of money this summer and we went another way. 
"We believe in our squad and add some players for the balance. Two different ways."

You can't change the past but you can change the future, it's the way successful people look at things, once the past has gone you need to let it go or it will pull you down. Spurs fans were not impressed with Danny Rose last season but four times during the summer Pochettino told him he could play for England.

The result, he signed a new 5-year contract, has started the season like a new player and has already received that call up to the senior squad for the upcoming fixtures. The boost to his confidence has been immense.

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That is the different philosophy he talks about improving what you have rather than spending on big name replacements as Liverpool have done with Balotelli.

"I haven't an opinion about that. The only thing is that he is a very good player, a star. For England, for our football, it is important that star players come here. 
"Mario Balotelli is an unbelievable player and that he has very good skill and, okay, it is important for football and for Liverpool, not for us."

West Ham kept their grass as long as they were legally allowed to do for the visit of Tottenham, not something you usually think about as a fan, but Pochettino explanation of the Tottenham style explains why.

"It is an easy method. It is not a difficult method. Our philosophy is play football along the grass, make good combinations, work hard and, at the moment, they are happy."

The players are happy and Pochettino doesn't mind a practical joke with them like the one he pulled on Danny Rose telling him he was being sold instead of the real news that he had been called up by England.

The game against AEL Limassol for a largely second string reminded everyone that passing alone is not enough, the work rate has to go with it then the better chances come and more of them. As long as the players enjoy working hard then the squad has the quality to do very well this season.

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