Pochettino - It's an important game

For Tottenham tonight is one of the seasons vital games. It's a game where failure can not be allowed to rear it's ugly head. European football is on the line and must be accomplished.

Pochettino - It's an important game

That is not overstating the game at White Hart Lane tonight. Apart from the fact there is a UEFA Champions League place at stake, but a trophy and a chance to give squad players and youngsters some first team football. Without European football we would struggle to keep everyone happy.

Mauricio Pochettino is not taking the game lightly as he told the clubs official website today.

"It’s a very important game for us and we need to be focused. It’s true we brought back a good result from the first leg but we need to win again. 
"All games are different, and difficult. It’s important for us to follow our style and our system and try to win and not to think about the result in the first leg. 
"So for me, it’s 0-0 and we need to try to win this game."

It seemed that some players took the first leg lightly, as did some fans. Winning is not a god given right, you still have to earn it even if you are the better side. The players in that game should have been out to impress and demonstrate they can thrive in they system if they want to stay at the club, as reportedly some of the players we are trying to shift do.

Tonight is a second chance, only a week after the first game so there is no excuse to say I'm not playing regularly, you are playing as mush as a Premier League player playing from one week to the next at the moment.

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