Pochettino - 'It's important to win the three points'

Mauricio Pochettino has to choose his first Premier League squad for Tottenham and used the last two days to finalise his plans.

Pochettino - 'It's important to win the three points'

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Player coming back from the World Cup three weeks to a month after some players need additional time to get their fitness levels up so few of them are expected to play a major part. It has only been Hugo Lloris and Nabil Bentaleb who have played a part which suggests they are important players.

We know Lloris is and Bentaleb has been brought forward ahead of the others so he seems to be high in the Argentinians thinking.

“We need Friday to decide the 18 players and the final list. We have one more training session tomorrow and after that we’ll decide. 
“We need to analyse some players because they arrived late from the World Cup and we need to improve their physical condition. At the moment I have my ideas in my mind but I need one more day to decide the 18 players for playing against West Ham on Saturday. 
“We are ready, we’re happy with our pre-season. The players always want to compete and so do we [the coaching team] - and the season starts on Saturday and it’s good news. We expect a tough game because it’s a derby, but we are ready to compete on Saturday."

Having played a similar system under Andre Villas-Boas the Tottenham players are not totally new to the basics of the system so have been able to pick it up quickly as I thought they might. Some will be expecting a bedding in time but I have always felt that would be a lot shorter than people realise.

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All the players are learning and adjustments to something they already know so they are just building on existing knowledge. I think pre-season has shown how quickly they were picking it up. When Liverpool adopted a new system it was totally different and took them a season, for Spurs it isn't totally different and as such I'm expecting a better season than most probably.

“At the moment our challenge is putting our philosophy and system into practice. We know we need time to improve our new system, our new philosophy, but we are very happy at the moment. We improve quickly and the most important thing is we are ready to play and compete. 
“It is important to have a good start, to win the three points. There will then be that belief in your ideas, and the group is stronger. It’s an important thing to get the three points to start in a good way. 
“It’s different when the World Cup has finished in the last month or so. It’s different restarting the season after that but we don’t expect many changes in the Premier League. 
“I think it’s a very tough competition. It can be different with different managers, styles and cultures, but we expect the same. I think the Premier League is the best in the world and the most competitive league so we expect a tough season.”

Every season is a tough one in the Premier League when you can't simply buy success with truckloads of money, then it becomes about the manager and his ability. Finding someone who can make a difference becomes the objective and we are all hoping we have found a manager who can do just that.

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