Musacchio £11.98m bid complicated by court case in Argentina

Now for some reason websites are all clamouring to tell us Tottenham are after 23-year-old Villarreal centre-back Mateo Musacchio, so I thought I'd take a look.

Musacchio £11.98m Spurs bid

He is an Argentinian who was voted Club Player of the Season in 2013/14 and is valued around £15 million (€18.79m) by Yillarreal.

Mauricio Pochettino has been linked with well over a dozen Argentinians since he took over, all to no avail. He knows La Liga well having spent eight years in Spain as a player and manager at RCD Espanyol (full name Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona). He has a sound knowledge of the league therefore and still has his home in Barcelona where he escapes to whenever he can.

So the theory goes they are both Argentinian, he knows him so Spurs need a centre-back, let's link them, that about sums the whole story up.

On the downside he has a contract until 2018 which for me makes it questionable if we would go after him and at 1.82m he is a little short, that's under 6 foot. His tackling and intercepting are good but like Vlad Chiriches he is weak in the air and you simply can't be weak in the air in the Premier League.

He may be fine with small strikers playing along the floor but anyone who goes aerial he would have a problem with and there are plenty of them in the Premier League. However reports suggest Pochettino is a fan and he is rated highly in Spain.

Our first game is against West Ham and in the Cup they simply figured out Chiriches was weak in the air and targeted him. Two knock downs later and we were out the Cup. It's a concern.

Reports suggest we have put in a bid for £11.98 million (€15m) and it was rejected. The stories coming out of Spain are that the player wants to leave and Villerreal suggest his agent will have to drop his cut for a deal at our price, Musacchio economic rights are partly owned by his agent. Their president has insisted on full payment in the past and we usually pay in instalments with add-ons so one more hurdle in negotiations.

Musacchio is a non-home grown player and we have our full quota of them still we would have to sell before we could buy him. Scneiderlin will be late if it happens at all which will mean Sandro leaving late. A deal could still be done though is all parties can reach a compromise deal.

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In Argentina there seems to be another problem surrounding him between Villarreal and River Plate over his economic rights which must surely have an affect on any future transfer.

Gabriel Casazza is a football journalist who writes for, among others, the River Plate website and he tells us the story (which I have translated online but you'll get the gist).

"Musacchio is about to be transferred to Tottenham for £15.16 million (€19m). River Plate receive 35% £5.31 million (€6.65m), however Musacchio's economic rights are at issue.
"There is an ongoing case against Villarreal by River Plate for breach of contract when he sold percentages of juveniles. Musacchio was not on the list but Villarreal had a clause in his favour to switch to two players (one was Musacchio). 
"The other never made his debut at Villarreal, some were free and that caused a financial loss to the Spanish team. There is an action for which any transfer Musacchio you must first go through court to decide accordingly."

The economic rights issue would need to be sorted before any transfer as Spurs would require full economic rights. Under Premier League rules you are not allowed third party ownership so if there is a case for third party economic ownership signing him could still be problematic.

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