More suggested interest from Italy

Vlad Chiriches has been seeking a move to Italy with his agent courting clubs and offering him around but nobody is prepared to pay Daniel Levy the money t recoup the £8.5 million he paid for him unsurprisingly.

After a poor season where he found his game simply wasn't suited to the Premier League his agent told the media that he doubted he would play for Spurs again, telling them when they asked, 'did you see him play' as if seeing would mean they wouldn't dream asking the question.

Not only was he too weak in the air but was at sea when he didn't have the ball as well. He doesn't keep his position which throws the whole defence out. When Manchester City played Tottenham at White Hart Lane, Aguero was confronted by Dawson so ran with the ball across the box and simply ran all the way round Chiriches without a challenge to open the scoring.

There are countless example of him passing the ball to the opposition in our half apart from the debacle at the end of the season passing to an unmarked Cattermole for Sunderland to score. It doesn't matter how bad you are playing you don't make that kind of basic error when under no pressure whatsoever. It shows a lack of concentration.

We will obviously need to sell him when we bring in Musacchio, himself not the best in the air but the fee is a stumbling block. Roma have been linked with half our side it seems, Lamela, Soldado, Dembele, Sandro and now Chiriches. All of them they have wanted cheap and thus far no deal.

Reports suggest hey are resigned to losing their centre-back Mehdi Benatia and want £30 million for him. They have a list of replacements and Vlad Chiriches is one of them. With less emphasis on an aerial game and with the game played at a slower pace in Italy he will have more time to make his decisions.

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Both he and his agent think Serie A is better suited to his game so I see no reason to argue with them, they ought to know best. I guess the plan of using Spurs as a stepping stone to Chelsea has been abandoned!

For now it's only speculation,something else for his agent to work on, there are options and clubs will be hoping Daniel Levy lowers the asking price as the transfer window draws to a close. Like the Musacchio situation something will have to give because it is highly unlikely he will be at Spurs once the transfer window shuts.

We are covered on the left side of the centre back pairing with Vertonghen, Dier and Fryers, plus Kaboul if he is offered a new contract, which again seems unlikely. On the right Musacchio and Dawson with Dier also able to cover looks the option.

Kaboul only has a year on his contract so would have to be sold now to get any fee or h can simply run it down and leave on a free next summer, which would maximise the wages any new club offered him.

Chiriches and Kaboul look red hot favourites to go

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