Mauricio Pochettino training ground press conference

Mauricio first told the BBC reporter that it is difficult for hi to speak English to the press as he thinks in another language. He was very relaxed and joking with the reporter explaining that he needed time. It is different, easier when you speak to your players or privately, it's tough in public but he tries he said.

Mauricio Pochettino training ground press conference

He apologised for his English and told the reporter it was impossible for him to explain all his thoughts, which I think we saw a little of on the North American tour when asked a question he was unsure how to answer it, not really understanding what he had been asked. He tried he said.

He was asked about Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa and did it make being at Tottenham special. Pochettino showed how relaxed he was and his friendly nature when he had a laugh with the reporter.

"It is an honour to be the manager here, sorry the Head Coach" he said and they had a laugh about the distinction. The reporter will have gone away with a very good impression of a happy friendly relaxed guy.

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He talked about the result being important and also explained that while he didn't like the Europa League at Southampton things have changed now with the winners entering the Champions League.

“Always the result is important, but just as important is the ride you take to get to the result. For me, it is about exciting football, pressing high, playing with flair – this is our philosophy that we want to get down. We want to put all these things in place. 
“For me it’s an honour to be head coach of Tottenham. It’s a big club. They have big facilities, big fans. It’s a club for achieving things and being successful. I am ambitious. Now we start to develop our style and our philosophy. The most important thing is to believe in that. 
“We know Erik Lamela from Argentina and Italy. But he is still young and the Premier League is the most difficult league to play, the style, the language, and to adapt, but now after one year in Tottenham we think and we believe that Erik is ready to show his quality. 
”My philosophy is to give a freer style with a good organisation. Not only with Erik but with other players, unbelievable players, on the ball to create a different action. The most important thing is to create a good organisation and a good shape for our players to be comfortable and to show their real qualities. It is important to know that he is still young and he moved to England and it is difficult to adapt. This league is the most competitive league in the world. 
“My challenge is not only Erik Lamela but all players, to get the best football and get the best skill and desire to use for the team. This is our challenge.”
“I have not been given any targets. My personal target? To win every game and if you do that right to the end of the season it is possible you win some trophies. That is always my ambition.”

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