Kane - I want to play & score in the important games

Harry Kane now wants to push on, play games and score goals in the important games this season.

Harry Kane signs a new 5-year-deal

It's refreshing to come across a player for whom it is an honour to play for the club and not just a player using meaningless PR words. He spoke to Spurs TV after he signed his new 5-year-deal on Thursday and told of his plans for the future.

"I'm very happy to sign this deal and very excited for the future now and hopefully I can push on this season. I'm very proud to have signed it. 
It doesn't seem that long ago [first day in the academy] it seems to have gone that quick and now to be signing a new deal to 2019 is a great honour and brings me great pride. It's gone quick, there have been a lot of ups and downs on the way but now I'm very happy to be here and looking forward to the future."

Being a local lad and coming through the academy system gives him a sense of identity more so than a foreign player brought into the club and it's important Spurs have that link.

The game seems to be about money mercenaries now, players that are here for a few years and then move on. The importance of players who stick around can't be over estimated so for Kane to sign a new contract has a special meaning for him.

"For sure, like I say it's one of the proudest days of my footballing career. It's been a great honour to be at a club that I've loved from a kid growing up watching them and now to be part of that is, like I say a great honour. 
"I had great learning spells that got me great experience at vital time in my career, that helped me along the way and last year I took the chance when I got it, scored them goals, which was obviously a very proud moment for me and hopefully I can do some more of that this season and get some goals. 
"[My plan] Is to keep playing and keep scoring goals, as a striker you want to be out there playing, in big games and getting your goals, I hope to do it this season."

He exploded onto the scene with 3 goals in 3 games last season plus play that showed he belonged in the Premier League. He combined well with Emmanuel Adebayor and has scored a couple in pre-season to keep the pressure on Roberto Soldado.

Scoring goals when he gets another chance will heap further pressure on the Spaniard.

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