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Before we get into today's Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 51 here is a quick delve into some related articles to today's news that you may have missed.

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Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 51 that concerns recent news regarding Pat Jennings scoring against Manchester United, Scott Sinclair, Stadium move to MK Dons, Morgan Schneiderlin threatened, DeAndre Yedlin and Glenn Hoddle.

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On this day (August 12th) Pat Jennings scored his first and only goal for us, remarkable because he was our goalkeeper and arguably the finest goalkeeper we have ever had, certainly the best in my lifetime, better than Hugo Lloris.

The game was the 1967 Charity Shield, the season curtain raiser now known as the Community Shield and paraded these days as if it means something. Our Pat, ball in hand cleared the ball down field from his own box and Alex Stepney in goal for Manchester United misjudged it, leaping only to see the ball bounce over his head into the net, so that's where Kyle Naughton learnt it from!

1967 Top 40 Official Singles Chart UK
1. (2) San Francisco (Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair) - Scott McKenzie
2. (1) All you need is love - Beatles
3. (3) Death of a clown - Dave Davies
4. (6) I'll never fall in love again - Tom Jones
5. (4) It must be him (Seul sur son etoile) - Vikki Carr

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Manchester City winger Scott Sinclair says he will have to look for a new club if he will not be played next season. I think he is in desperate need of a reality check, he can't seriously having expected to play a game of football going there, table football maybe.

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One little bit of ITK and everyone goes nuts about MK Dons 30,500 seat stadium (stadiummk) being our temporary home for 2 years with a few games elsewhere, we'll see. Local traders it would appear have the same belief, they have heard the same.

It was to be only a year so why would we now need 2 years away if that is not going to speed up delivery and why does it take so long to build a stand anyway? Didn't the Germans build a whole load of stadiums rather quickly for the 2006 World Cup?

Obviously I'm no builder but I've never understood why it takes years to build something.

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Morgam Schneiderlin will be fined 2 weeks wages if he misses the Southampton Liverpool game so the obvious thing to do is turn up and get sent off in the first 5 minutes, take your shirt off and throw it at the managers feet as you walk off, something similar worked for Hossam Ghaly, he never played again.

And for all you fools without a sense of humour that isn't a serious suggestion.

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Seattle Sounders coach Sigi Schmid thinks that the DeAndre Yedlin transfer to Tottenham should be completed in the next 48 hours. There is no chance that he will join Spurs before January even with out current fight-back problem as he wouldn't be sold without a loan back agreement.

Seattle Sounders are a rich club and American football is run differently to other countries. Of the $3.5m fee Seattle would only get around $600,000 with the rest going towards player development via the League governing body. This is not a transfer about money.

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Spurs midfield legend Glenn Hoddle has now joined Queens Park Rangers as a first-team coach where he will train them on the 3-5-2 system Harry Redknapp wants the club to employ this season. Rio Ferdinand will play central in the back three as a sweeper.

It is a system Hoddle has used before at Swindon, Chelsea and for certain games with England. His experience at coaching the system will speed it's implementation.

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