Hoddle on his QPR return & Spurs chances

Glenn Hoddle was a quite remarkable talent that the England team should have been built around, he was that good, but alas we went for mediocrity instead. 

Glenn Hoddle talks QPR and Spurs

He has managed and was doing an excellent job as England manager until the media decided they wanted a change and hounded him out with a hate campaign.

Many fans today will only know him as a pundit on TV but he used at 3-5-2 system with Swindon Town, Chelsea and sometimes England.

He set up and ran the Glenn Hoddle Academy in Spain for young players clubs had released to give them another chance to make it as professional footballers. He has turned down over 26 offers to return to management and turned another three down last week he revealed to Sky Sports.

"That really hasn't come into my thought pattern. I've had many offers - funnily enough I had three last week for national teams all around the world - but that's not on my agenda. 
"I've enjoyed my punditry and want to maintain that going forward. It was out of the blue that Harry asked me and it was that I'm the sort of person he wanted. I hope it can be a major advantage to QPR and I can enjoy working in the game again myself. 
"The main reason for me going back was simply that Harry asked me. He felt I could be an addition to the staff at QPR; it’s something he did with Steve McClaren in the past. 
"In terms of what I can bring, I love coaching players, I love looking at team shapes. I feel improving players is a strength of mine and I feel I have the experience to do that. That's what I hope to bring. 
"Also, it's a new experience for me. I like new challenges and to be a coach working under a manager is a first for me; it will be interesting. I have spoken to Kevin [Bond] and Joe [Jordan], met the staff and it will be exciting. I felt it was time to get my coaching head back on again."

He takes on the coaching role part-time so he can continue his punditry work and because he has been brought in to specifically coach the 3-5-2 system. He was asked his thoughts on Tottenham this season and how they'll fare.

"I haven't seen them play, so it's too early to say. The new manager did a fantastic job at Southampton with the way they played and if he gets a response from the players anywhere near that then Spurs can do well. 
"The seven players they brought in last year may be better equipped this season now they know the Premier League. They will be settled, as will their families and they will be better for that. Bringing seven foreign players in, who didn't know the Premier League was a bit of a risk for me, but now they have had a year.  
"If the manager can get his tactics across it will be a positive season."

He feels however that Tottenham are not yet ready fr another top four finish this season.

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