Eriksen - We will do better on Sunday

Christian Eriksen knows only too well the problems associated with moving clubs and it can be a daunting time for youngsters. These guys may be professional footballers but they are still just young men with feelings.

Happy Spurs

Liverpool have bought 9 players, Tottenham bought 7 last summer so it's a nice easy story for the media to raise at a press conference, they have an angle on Liverpool and there will be countless comparison articles and speculation.

“It is true that we went through [what Liverpool are now facing] last year. It will depend on what team they have and what the new players are bringing in. Everything has to fit. 
“Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are a bit unlucky. Last year we made some really good signings, I think. We were just a bit unlucky that nothing really ended up in a big thing. Of course, that can happen with Liverpool as well so sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you aren’t.
“I came late so for me it was a bit different. The first guy we signed [Paulinho] will have seen six other players come in and that was probably a bit weird for him. They are the new faces they have to see and it is a big deal when new players come in. 
“When I came in, the four or five players before me I saw like everybody — they were all new players to me.  We have a good group, though, so I haven’t seen any problems with anybody.”

That last sentence s the key one, the group needs to get on, yes there have been strike partners who don't talk to each other off the pitch who have worked on it but it better to have a cohesive harmonious group. If you have that then there is less likelihood that new signings are going to struggle. It's far easier to settle if you are happy.

“When you make your away debut you have to sing. I sang a Danish song from Nik and Jay. How does it go? Nobody in England would know it. I’m not going to sing it again! 
"You get nervous and a little bit scared when you are standing on a chair in front of everybody but it is a fun thing and it is only going to help the group.”

It may seem a trivial thing to some but it's a quick and easy method of bringing a player down to earth and breaking initial barriers. Everyone has been through it, been laughed at and joked about. It integrates you with a group because everyone knows how nervous and sometimes silly you feel doing it, they have been there themselves.

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With a happy group of players under a manager they like the Danish midfielder is hoping for better results against the top teams this season.

“In those games against Liverpool we weren’t at our best, that is fair to say. Of course, we hope and I think we will probably do better when we play them on Sunday. It is going to be a different type of game.”

Better results look assured, they couldn't have been much worse to be honest and they are not game we want to relive, nor should we, they are the past,we have a future to look forward to.

Christian Eriksen was speaking at the announcement of EA SPORTS' partnership extension with the Premier League.

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