Eric Dier Performance

Eric Dier

West Ham United 0 Tottenham Hotspur 1

16th August 2014 at 15:00
English Premier League (EPL)
Stadium: Boleyn Ground (London)

Performance Stats

Forward Passes: 28
Backwards Passes: 14
Total Passes: 42
Successful Passes: 37
Pass Completion: 88%
Key Passes: 0
Assists: 0
Chances Created: 0
Average Pass Length: 13m

Goals Conceded: 0
Goals Scored: 1
Goals Left Foot: 0
Goals Right Foot: 1
Goals Headed: 0
Goals Inside Area: 0
Goals Outside Area: 0
Goals Set Piece: 0
Goals Penalty: 0
Goals Direct Free Kick: 0
Goals Crossed Free Kick: 0
Goals Corners: 0

Goal Attempts
Shots: 1
Shot Accuracy: 100%
Shots Inside Box: 1
Shots Outside Box: 0

Opponent Duels
Tackles Won: 1
Tackles Lost: 2
Take on Success: 2
Take on Success: 100%
Headers Won: 2
Headers Win: 40%
Duels Success: 44.45%
Fouls For: 0
Fouls Against: 1

Interceptions: 1
Blocks: 0
Clearances: 4
Errors: 0
Errors Costing Goals: 0

Yellow: 0
Red: 0
Simulation: 0
Verbal Abuse: 0
Bad Tackles: 0

Match Day Squad

Hugo LlorisGK
Brad FriedelGK
Eric DierD
Younes KaboulD(CR)
Etienne CapoueD(C),DM(C)
Nabil BentalebDM(C)
Danny RoseD(L)
Kyle NaughtonD(LR)
Ben DaviesD(L)
Michael DawsonD(C)
Lewis HoltbyM(CLR)
Christian EriksenAM(CL)
Andros TownsendAM(LR)
Erik LamelaAM(CLR),FW
Aaron LennonAM(LR)
Harry KaneFW
Emmanuel AdebayorFW
Roberto SoldadoFW

Player Performance

Eric Dier had a dream debut that could hardly have been tougher, one of only two fit centre-backs he had to be thrown into the Premier League to sink or swim, he swam and swam rather well. No doubt nervous at first the centre of our defence was a bit at sea at corners and crosses but that isn't down to him, how he would have got on we don't know but after 29 minutes he suddenly finds himself at right-back.

He will not have trained for this, but this is where the positional training come in. As a player you not only have to learn where you should be in certain situations but also where your teammates should be so he will have needed constant communication from the centre-backs and was certainly getting it from the sideline at times.

Defensively he did everything well, no major errors, he wasn't getting beaten by an experienced winger and even popped up at centre-forward to score the winning goal, much to the surprise of the bench. The value of overseas coaching was shown when he coolly took the ball round the keeper and slotted home. Abroad when you lay at youth level you get moved around so a defender has to also learn how to be an attacker, thus when they find themselves in these positions they don't panic and are comfortable on the ball.

For £3.96 million we have a bit of a bargain, he is a great prospect but then regular readers will know I rate him highly and wanted him at Tottenham. Compare him to Vlad Chiriches and to me there is no competition, I'd take Dier every day, Chiriches looks more like a right-back.

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