Big season for Fredericks now with Yedlin arrival

The signing of DeAndre Yedlin raises questions over the future of Kyle Naughton and Ryan Fredericks. The American is the same age as Fredericks but has already played at a World Cup so this now becomes an important season before Yedlin arrives.

Just 19 months ago Yedlin was playing college football, he has just shown American youngsters what can be achieved and in a short space of time. That makes him big news, he is not just an American signing for a Premier League club, he is an American kid fresh out of college signing for a Premier League club.

His approach is refreshing, figuring out that everyone, whoever they are, has a weakness and his role is to find it, then exploit it. That approach has taken him a long way in a short period of time and suggests he may have the right mentality for Tottenham.

The News Tribune quoted Seattle general manager Adrian Hanauer as saying it was a positive move.

“We thought it was ultimately a good decision for our club, although a difficult one. Every club in the world sells players. It’s just a matter of weighing the benefits and the drawbacks, and we decided that this was a good decision for us. And by the way, DeAndre clearly wanted this transaction to occur as well. 
“It provides us with some cash to reinvest in any aspect of our soccer business that we want. Whether that is on the youth side that hopefully allows us to develop two or three or four more DeAndre Yedlins, or designated players, or soccer facilities or infrastructure that hopefully will position us for strength going forward.”

Former Seattle Sounders and Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Kasey Keller also told the News Tribune that he hopes it will be a long and successful association with Tottenham for Yedlin.

“Tottenham is a phenomenal club with phenomenal fans and a great opportunity. But with any big club — it doesn’t matter where you go — you understand that there’s a high level of competition for you to earn your spots, and I have complete confidence that Yedlin has the ability to have a long career wherever, if it happens to be Spurs or someplace else. … As (with) any American going to any club, I just hope it’s the right situation for them, and they have a long and fruitful career at that club.”

I look forward to seeing him in a Tottenham shirt and watching him develop, it does mean that Ryan Fredericks has a season to train hard, step up to the plate and show what he can do by taking whatever chances he is given.

From being a season where you would expect him to get starts and substitute appearances in the Europa League and perhaps push for the back up right-back slot next season, it now throws his Tottenham future into doubt.

Walker, Naughton, Fredericks, Yedlin, next season we are only going to need two unless we are going to ease Yedlin in and he may be too good for that.

Kyle Naughton will surely be off and it could depend upon Fredericks development about Kyle Walker.You would image he is safe but who knows, two up and coming 22-year-olds next season could see us cash in, alternatively Fredericks may have to leave with Naughton.

The pressure is on for Fredericks right now, does he see Yedlin as a threat to his future and will he respond in a positive manner, I guess we'll soon find out.

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