AEL are motivated, hope Spurs are

There is commonly used phrase in football that there are no easy games anymore but that message has not filtered through to all supporters, some still expect Tottenham to simply roll over opposition they know nothing about.

AEL vs Spurs

The World Cup seems to have taught these people little when England couldn't even beat a disinterested Costa Rica team. Any side can be difficult to beat with team work and discipline. When a side is difficult to beat anything can happen, a mistake or a penalty and then what some assume is an easy game is suddenly a loss.

Tottenham have been guilty of underestimating opposition and players not getting themselves 'up' for a game before as Mousa Dembele said when we lost 2-1 to Leeds United in the 2013 FA Cup, saying he wasn't motivated for the game. That's not a problem AEL will have.

Ivaylo Petev, the AEL Limassol FC coach told that Spurs are a massive club and it's a very difficult draw which the team will have to be at it'sbest for.

"I believe 21 August will be a very good day for AEL. There is belief and it is vital that there is in the squad. We managed to beat a club like Zenit in our previous tie in Europe and were then unlucky to go out against them because we played with ten men for some 70 minutes [in the second leg]. But that is now behind us. 
"They [Spurs] are a massive club and it is crucial we minimise our mistakes against them because they know how to punish every little error. The truth is that this was a very difficult draw for us and we were not so lucky. But, that aside, it is very important that we are ready for the first game and play well."

The AEL captain Marios Nikolaou said he felt that Tottenham was a tough draw for his side but that challenges are experiences to look forward to.

"This game will be an experience for us all and a challenge. We know they are a great side but we certainly don't fear them – we will look them in the eye. We will need to be at our best. We were handed a tough draw, but that is football and we need to be ready."

The game provides an opportunity for Spurs to give some game time to their returning World Cup stars who will shortly be off for international duty again so will all want to be fit by the end of the month.

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