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Tottenham players had nothing but praise for Major League Soccer, the facilities and enthusiasm of the crowds in America as football grows at a pace out there, even if they do call it soccer.


Harry Kane not only tweeted but gave a post match press conference.

"Great crowd out in Chicago tonight ! Good performance and win from the lads ! Always feels good to get on the scoresheet!"

“It’s very good. All the teams we’ve played have been top teams, it’s not far off [Premier League standard]. Everyone knows the MLS is getting bigger and better and there’s a lot of great players coming over here to play and we saw that.”

Brad Friedel revealed that from a training point of view it has been a very successful tour and that is the primary focus of the players and coaching staff leaving the club to concentrate on the commercial aspects of the tour.

“We had very good crowds at all three venues and I know on the training pitch it was a big success. We trained twice a day most days, very hard, he’s [Pochettino’s] a very demanding manager, but also very enjoyable.”

Young 23-year-old German midfielder Lewis Holtby felt that Major League Soccer has some good technical players and as his country has just won the World Cup he ought to know.

"You see the three fixtures we had are decent teams that really play some good football, that are technically good, physically good. Yeah, big compliment to the MLS."

Mauricio Pochettino is developing his English, he speaks it well enough but is feeling his way through press conferences so keeps short and generally to the point. When asked about the MLS he was just that.

"It's growing and it's growing fast."

The tour has been a resounding success and Tottenham will have taken a lot from it, next it's welcome back the World Cup players and then move on to Helsinki in Finland where we play Celtic on August 2nd.

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