Ugo Ehiogu new Head of Football Development

Former England international Ugo Ehiogu is set to become Spurs new Head of Football Development, the former role of Tim Sherwood.

Ugo Ehiogu Spurs Head of Player Development

He has been working part-time with Tottenham as a coach and has secured the rather important role in young player development.

Italians do drills with kids from eight upwards on blocking off runners at corners, they learn the unglamourous art of defending from an early age, something we can learn from feels Ehiogu.

“That’s the mentality of the Italians, they learn the art of defending. It’s not as glorified as the art of scoring but there’s always a place for specialised additional coaching. Once a week at Spurs, I take the defenders from age 14 for coaching.
"I don’t think defending is as good as it was 10 years ago. There’s more emphasis on attacking play. There’s no tackling from behind.”

A defender therefore has to learn how to intercept and where to position themselves, two aspects Ehiogu has been teaching our youngsters. He believes also in having a definitive style of play throughout a club and likes the set up at Tottenham.

"The way that Tottenham teams play is clear and all the coaches know what is expected of them. The emphasis is on technique at a very early age and the idea is to try and produce players who can progress into the first team, or go on and make a living in the game. 
"If you come to watch games at Tottenham, in particular at development level you will notice how we try and play, in a certain way with a certain style. At Spurs winning a Youth game by being safe, unimaginative, and technically poor, doesn't sit well at all."

His philosophy fits well with the clubs view on player development. It will be interesting to see if we continue our policy of sending youngsters on lots of loans to give them first team competitive playing experience.

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Clearly the former England defender has impressed Spurs while he has been taking his A licence, what date he steps up from being an Academy Coach to taking charge of our youngsters I don't know but it was mentioned during commentary of the Seattle Sounders game that he will be taking over Tim Sherwood's old role.

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