Tottenham in for Tevez or Klose rumours

The story is gathering pace with rumours of Tottenham interested in signing Carlos Tevez, who may feel should have been at the World Cup.

Tottenham in for Tevez or Klose rumours

Rumours are never ones to be relied upon but this apparently stems from several players. Any deal for the Juventus striker though would be complicated, their is his agent to deal with for a start,

Carlos Tevez is 30 and another reported target Lazio's Miroslav Klose is 36. Both would bring something to the club, a winning mentality for a start as well as experience at the highest level. Harry Kane would surely benefit from a season or two learning from someone of Miroslav Klose's experience.

You would manage his game time but he'd help our youngsters as would Argentinian Tevez who I'm sure wouldn't have missed HiguaĆ­n's potential match winning sitter. Klose could certainly lead the attack in Europe and have a role in the Premier League.

Klose has a contract until 2015 and his age would make him dirt cheap, Tevez has a contract until 2016 and has a few more years left at the top level so comes with a fee, he cost Juventus £8m.

In Serie A Klose has scored 35 goals with 15 assists in 81 games, Tevez has scored 19 goals with 8 assists in 34 games.

Their impact on games if measured by minutes divided by goals and then by goals and assists combined gives us a comparison figure for their time in Italy.

Tevez - 136.10 minutes
Tevez - 85.78 minutes

Klose - 184.97 minutes
Klose - 129.48 minutes

Tevez has only been in Italy a season so what is his comparison with Klose last season alone, where the German World Cup winner scored 7 with 5 assists.

Tevez - 136.10 minutes
Tevez - 85.78 minutes

Klose - 287.57 minutes
Klose - 167.75 minutes

Of the two rumours you'd have to say that Carlos Tevez is going to give us more on the field but arguably Miroslav Klose would bring us more off the field.

What is Adebayor is out longer than expected, malaria can be very debilitating and long term. Bony is looking uncertain, Remy wants Arsenal, if they can get round his pay demands and Chelsea would rather Lukaku didn't come to us.

Where do we turn, some fans see it as fanciful, as far as I'm concerned you go after these players, if you don't get them you don't get them, but at least you tried, you are not left wondering, if only.

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