Swansea captain backs Davies to succeed at Spurs

Swansea centre-back Ashley Williams, who himself has been the subject of transfer speculation, has back Ben Davies to succeed at Spurs.

Davies to succeed at Spurs

Williams ended speculation over his future by signing a new four-year contract and was asked if young left-back Ben Davies would succeed at Spurs.

"Tottenham are a big club, they are not a small team, and if he wants that then brilliant, and I would back him all the way.

"He would fit in well there without doubt. He has had two great years and sometimes you take his performances for granted.

"I could not imagine performing like that when I was playing at his age. He has his feet on the ground and the way he has handled everything has been amazing."

Sound a bit like another Welsh lad we had, his feet were on the ground and he didn't turn out too bad!

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Williams epitomises what you can do if you build bonds with players. Arsenal and Sunderland were keen on signing him but he preferred to stay at Swansea, declining the chance of Champions League football.

"I just couldn’t imagine coming in to get my boots and saying goodbye to everyone to drive off somewhere else."

Those are exactly the bonds Tottenham have to build, from the eight year-olds through to the first team to have a chance of success, otherwise players will continue to be here today, gone tomorrow.

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