Spurs players hugely impressed with Pochettino

Tottenham Hotspur are in Toronto on leg two of their 2014 US & Canada Pre-season Tour with a game tonight being played as part of the deal which took Jermain Defoe to Toronto FC.

Spurs players hugely impressed with Pochettino

The former Tottenham striker has met up with his friends and former teammates, especially Ledley King, and naturally the subject of new head coach Mauricio Pochettino came up. Dofoe has revealed that the Tottenham players have been hugely impressed with the Argentinian and a friendship has already blossomed with his new charges.

“Speaking to the lads, they love him already. They say training is really sharp, with a lot of pressing. With the players they have got at Tottenham, and with that manager, I think they will do well. There have been a lot of managers come and go but I think this one is there to stay."

The Spurs players have taken to and are enjoying the high-intensity training sessions. The object is to make Tottenham one of the fittest sides in the league to be able to play in the manner Chile did in the World Cup recently. Commentators said they simply wouldn't be able to keep up the pace of the game they were playing for 90 minutes, they did.

"If you look at Southampton last season, they were the fittest team in the Premier League and were very organised. Spurs are a massive club, one that want to be in the top four and bring Champions League football back to the club. I am sure he will do well.”

With players like Erik Lamela recently saying he felt like he had a new lease of life, he was no longer lonely but happy and Lewis Holtby seemingly having a permanent schoolboy grin on his face, it looks like a happy camp once more.

Gone are last seasons unhappy dressing room and sub standard performances, in its place are a happy squad, excited and keen to get stuck into the season once again.

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