Spurs lack belief

Each year we measure ourselves in the perceived big games, those games against the top four.

Spurs lack belief

In 2009 we picked up 10 points, in 2010 we collected 12 points, in 2011 we gained 7 points, in 2012 we also gained 7 points, in 2013 we rose to 11 points and in 2014 as we all know we were humiliated with 1 point, plus a bunch of drubbings.

Of course this is only 8 games so a total of 24 points available, leaving another 30 games with 90 points available. In theory you could lose all the games against the top four and still win the title, but life is not that simple, at least it's not that simple until someone does it.

Treating every game as if it were a massive game is the approach Liverpool took last season, a season that has been dismissed with the excuse they had no European football. Everton, however, see very little change whether they have European football or not, so really it's a smokescreen to belittle an achievement.

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Belief in sport, in life, is everything. If you totally believe something can be achieved , it can. However if you lack belief then that hold you back, there is always more you can give because you are subconsciously being held back, your energies are wasted on negativity and your best under those circumstances, isn't actually the bet you can produce.

Tottenham have a lack of belief. The players don't believe they can break into the top four, each season when it comes to the crunch time they bottle it. Their lack of belief comes to the fore and any amount of bravado doesn't make it disappear.

Instead of believing we can win games we seem to sink into a mode of we can't afford to lose this game and that is simply asking for trouble, trouble we often find.

Mentally the players need to be worked upon. We have had a turnaround of players last summer and new blood coming in this summer. The hope is they won't be tarnished by the same negativity because with positivity will come positive results.

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