Schneiderlin's international career in danger

Southampton have decided to play with fire by putting the international career of Morgan Schneiderlin in serious jeopardy with a major tournament in his home country in just 2 years time.

Schneiderlin's international career in danger

His tweet demonstrates his anger towards the club who he has been with for 6 years. Not knowing the character it's hard to know how he'll react, whether he'll put in any effort or go through the motions, whether he'll be disruptive in the changing room or whether he'll give his best in the outside chance French manager Didier Deschamps takes pity on him.

6 years of an amazing journey DESTROYED in 1 hour !!!

For those unaware Deschamps has told French players they must be playing European football to be considered regularly for selection for the national team. The European Championship 2016 will be held in France so naturally as a Frenchman he wants to play.

He made it to the World Cup because of an injury, he wasn't in the original squad. In view of Deschamps words to his players at the World Cup Southampton have to qualify for Europe next season for him to have an outside chance of forcing his way into the squad, otherwise he is likely to miss out.

Now Spurs have Ryan Mason coming through and Nabil Bentaleb emerging who can both pass a ball. Surely it would be better for Tottenham to develop these two for free than pay £20 million for Schneiderlin, who was an attacking midfielder before being moved to a defensive role.

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That seems to me, after the North American tour, the route to be taken with Mason. Developing him and Bentaleb would fit with the clubs long term strategy to develop its own talent. No doubt Schneiderlin thinks Pochettino would be the right man for that job.

“I think a manager like that is good for every club. With the quality Tottenham have, Mauricio Pochettino will get the best out of each player. 
“He came in and made Southampton play and now Tottenham have a great future. He improved me very much. He improved the whole squad and improved me as a player. He’s a great coach and good man and it’s a shame Southampton lost him.”

Étienne Capoue demonstrated all the attributes of a top class midfielder when he first joined so regular football for him will probably see him regain and replace Schneiderlin in the French squad. We of course still have Sandro whose qualities we all know, it's his range of passing that is the concern in Pochettino's system and why he wants his former player.

If we end up getting Schneiderlin, great, if we don't we have adequate cover anyway but I doubt he is going to be a happy bunny at training.

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