Players agent tells Swansea to sell Ben Davies

Ben Davies has started pre-season training and is travelling to America as part of Swansea's pre-season tour.

Players agent tells Swansea to sell Ben Davies

That may well delay any move while Spurs and Swansea haggle over a fee for Gylfi Sigurdsson. A players agent has now told Swansea to get on and sell Ben Davies so his client can play or he'll have to leave.

Swansea have a ready-made replacement for Ben Davies in Neil Taylor and his agent, Jamie Moralee. has told Swansea his client needs to be guaranteed first team football next season.

"Neil Taylor needs to be playing regular football and that would ideally be at Swansea. If Ben Davies goes then Neil will stay and Swansea will have a perfect player to step in, someone just as good, probably better after a run in the side, but if Ben Davies stays, Neil will have to move on because he can't spend another season on the bench.

"Hopefully Neil can stay because my boys like it at Swansea, they like the club and the environment."

Davies is though to be keen on a move to Spurs but refreshingly in today's footballing world is happy to get his head down, work and not make waves while the deal is sorted out.

None of this I can don a shirt I might get injured nonsense. Good man, he'll be fit when he arrives.

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