Pickles, Iturbe, Kroos, Man Utd, Lacazette, Song

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Tottenham News Shorts

Before we get into today's Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 27 here is a quick delve into some recent articles you may have missed. Click on the links to find out more and share on your favourite social media sites.

Transfer Window Poker is a look at the potential striker situation at Tottenham this transfer window, the options and the game we are playing.

We all know income is everything in football and therefore the number of partners you have raises your profile. It gets word out about the club and in it's small way markets us to potential sponsors. Manchester United have double the partners anyone in the Premier League has so it's good to hear of a continuing partnership.

Spurs favourites for Schneiderlin looks at why but also goes on to look at the way to approach each game and wonders if Mauricio Pochettino can resolve the dilemma.

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 27, recent news which concerns Eric Pickles, Juan Iturbe, Toni Kroos, Alvaro Morate, Patrice Evra, Arturo Vidal, Sami Khedira, Alexandre Lacazette and Alex Song.

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Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has approved the Haringey CPO and indicated it was vital for the areas regeneration.

"This scheme is supported by the locally determined development plan for the area and has received strong local support.

"The redevelopment proposals have had far reaching support from local MPs, the London Mayor’s champion for Tottenham and the chairman of the Independent Tottenham Taskforce.

"They all consider the project important for bringing much needed private investment into one of the most disadvantaged areas of London." 

My reading of that would be that the regeneration isn't gong ahead without the building of the new stadium and that Eric Pickles didn't want to grant the order but without finding a solution for regeneration without the stadium was eventually forced to grant the CPO and support the stadium build.

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Tottenham target Juan Iturbe, the 21-year-old Hellas Verona forward will joining Italian champions Juventus in the next few days.

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Chelsea have had a bid rejected for 24 year-old World Cup finalist Toni Kroos who it is believed will be joining Spanish giants Real Madrid after the World Cup. Kroos had refused to extend his contract with Bayern Munich beyond 2015 and Franz Beckenbauer has tweeted:

"Toni #Kroos has decided, he will be new Real Madrid player. We're going to lose a champion"

I see the papers today are now bringing you the story of Didier Drogba potentially returning to Chelsea which I mentioned in the previous edition of Tottenham News Shorts.
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Juventus have reached agreement with Real Madrid for 21 year-old forward Alvaro Morata and with Manchester United for 33 year-old left-back Patrice Evra.

Going the other way, the Arturo Vidal deal from Juventus to Manchester United is nearly complete for 40 million EUR, approx £31.8 million. The Old Trafford club are discussing terms with the players representatives. If this deal falls through they will turn their attention to Arsenal target Sami Khedira.

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Liverpool have made enquiries for Lyon forward, Alexandre Lacazette. Le 10 Sport magazine in France claim the fee is £15.9 million (20m) for the 23 year-old who scored 15 goals last season. The fee is a sticking point as it was for Newcastle United  who wish to sign him also.

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Nobody has put in a bod for Alex Song, currently at Barcelona. Plenty of clubs have shown an interest including ourselves. The Spanish, for whom he has only been a peripheral figure have placed a £10 million (12.58m) price tag on him. Barcelona paid £15 million (€18.87m) to buy him from Arsenal, so no offers suggests his wage demands are too high.

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