Paulinho, Brazil, Vertonghen, De Jong, Lovren, Schneiderlin, Davies, Kaboul

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Tottenham News Shorts

Before we get into today's Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 13 here is a quick reminder of some recent articles you may have missed. Click on the links to find out more and share on your favourite social media sites.

Why Sandro is leaving looks at our changing midfield and questions whether Sandro's role at Spurs is now redundant under Pochettino. Are we looking for a different type of defensive midfielder?

An earlier article shows the type of player we are now pursuing, someone more in the style of an Andres Pirlo, the next Tom Huddlestone in fact.

Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 12 includes news that the Premier League have paid off Leyton Orient to drop their legal action against West Ham moving to the Olympic Stadium. Did anyone think it would ever end any other way!

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 13, recent news which concerns Paulinho, Brazil, Jan Vertonghen, Siem de Jong, Dejan Lovren, Morgan Schneiderlin, Ben Davies and Younès Kaboul.

Tottenham News Shorts

With Luiz Gustavo suspended World Cup flop Paulinho may well get another chance to redeem himself against Colombia on Friday He is paying the price for his laziness last season and failure to give 100% in all games. Expecting to turn on and turn off performances at the flick of a switch is folly, as the Brazilian is now finding out.

Let's hope after a break he has his head in the right place and the quality player of a year ago returns. Certainly his current form is not as a result of having to adjust to Brazilian football!

The video below shows Brazil training with the Under 20 team.

Jan Vertonghen has taken to Twitter during this World Cup to congratulate both teammates and the USA. Firstly it was Nabil Bentaleb on June 27th after Algeria had qualified from their group:

“@nabilbentaleb42: Yes we made it! It's all about how hard you want it! A dream has become true! Congrats big man!"

Then the USA:

"Hard work pays off!! Credits to the USA as well for this amazing game!"

Then Newcastle United new signing Siem de Jong, who has joined them on a 6-year-deal for £6 million. The captain of the Dutch side is an attacking midfielder.

"Groot verlies voor Ajax maar mooie aanwinst voor de Premier league! Congrats! @siemdejong"

"Great loss for Ajax but nice addition to the Premier League! Congrats! @siem dejong" 

Southampton don't want to let Dejan Lovren leave despite him handing in a transfer request, neither do they want Morgan Schneiderlin to leave who has also tols them of his desire to move to a bigger club.

The sticking point with Lovren as far as Spurs are concerned is the fee, Southampton are asking too much for him and Arsenal want to sign Schneiderlin so we'd have to hope the Pochettino factor swayed him in our favour.

Tottenhan News Shorts

The Ben Davies transfer fee negotiations with Swansea, who have already signed his replacement, look like they will end up at £10 million for the 21 year-old let-back.

Injury troubled 28 year-old Younès Kaboul has sent a message of support to his teammate and countryman Hugo Lloris as they prepare for the World Cup quarter-final clash with Germany.

“We have known each other since we were 17, so that’s 10 years now.

“From day one, I knew he was a fantastic goalkeeper - a world-class goalkeeper - and I’m very happy to play alongside him at Spurs.

“He’s the captain of the national team and I’m very proud of him. I hope he will lead them a long way.”

Kaboul will be hoping for a full pre-season without niggling injuries and a return to the form he displayed 3 seasons ago.

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