Lloris signs 5 year-deal

I have been informing everyone who has asked on Twitter that Hugo Lloris was perfectly happy at Tottenham and would not be leaving unless a mega-money deal came in from PSG.

hugo lloris signs 5 year deal

He was settled in London and all talk of us signing a goalkeeper to replace him was merely covering our basis if that happened.

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Now the French captain has signed a new 5-year contract on improved terms ending all doubts about his future. He explained why to the official website.

“I spoke with the Chairman and I know the Club is as ambitious as ever. It’s very important to feel at home at a club and for my family to feel well. I enjoy a great relationship with the Club and the fans. The arrival of Mauricio Pochettino is important as well. I have a good feeling with him. He is also ambitious.

"Everything is clear in my head and if I’ve signed a new contract it’s because I trust the Club and I’m sure we will progress in a positive way.

“Last season wasn’t the season we all hoped for but we were still able to finish sixth in the league. We know where we have to improve, the Club also knows and there is a feeling and a confident connection between the Club and the players.”

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