Lamela tour in pictures continues

Eril Lamela is like a new person and we are seeing that on this tour with his interaction off the field with the fans and the performances he is producing on it.

It's early days yet but all augers well for the beginning of the season from a Lamela perspective. He needed his confidence boosting and to feel part of something, both of those have been achieved. After Seattle it was on to a new city and his two goals against Toronto will only help to boost that confidence even further.

Lamela are friends jet off to a new location, mind you the photographer seems more interested in the food!

Lamela & friends ride a plane

With a new city and a plane ride comes the inevitable new hotel room with Soldado hogging the chair again and the same old entertainment, FIFA 14.

Another city, another hotel room

With any new city comes a spot of sight seeing and using the local transport, you do meet some dodgy people on these bus rides.

Walker & Lamela lap up the sights

Finally a game of football and I have scored, everyone loves me.

I've scored, everyone loves me

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