Incredibly some fans moan about players performance

Incredible some fans are complaining about certain players, who of course are not fit, leaning a new system are playing in alien conditions (artificial surface) and take no account of the players around them.

Final result:- Seattle vs Tottenham 3-3 (Pineda pen, Alonso, Bowen  v Holtby, Soldado pen, Falque pen)

As ever fans set in their ways with set views see what they want to see to reinforce a biased view. What I saw was every player without exception make mistakes, I saw a midfield who hadn't yet got to grips with what they are to do after only a few weeks.

If a midfield struggle then the whole side struggles, attackers don't get service and defenders have to try and sort out the mess, mistakes will inevitably occur. The game was a training game nothing more and certainly on an artificial surface, nothing can be read into it at all.

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The next game against Toronto FC is on grass, not an artificial surface as I have seen suggested, BMO field took up it's artificial surface and replaced it with grass in 2010. It is a soccer-specific stadium now and they wanted a surface they felt was more appropriate for football.

Spurs of course will be reunited with former striker Jermain Defoe, who has scored more goals at White Hart Lane itself than any other player, and former centre-back Ryan Nelsen, albeit briefly for the New Zealander.

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