Iago Falque joins Genoa

It would seem Iago Falque is being sold to Genoa CFC, not 4 days after I wrote he l had technique and ability but lacked the crucial element of vision. Article: Falque lacks vision, Soldado is a worry

Iago Falque joins Genoa

The Sky Sports Italian correspondent that everyone seems to attach almost mythical status to as if he isn't wrong just as often s every other journalist is claiming a Iago Falque to Genoa CFC deal is almost done. On this occasion he may well be spot on.

Incidentally for all you cricket fans, of which I'm one, Genoa CFC are Genoa Cricket and Football club, but of course we just know them as Genoa. You would be right in thinking that this was a British club when first formed 1893.

Last season they finished 14th in Serie A and play at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris, which holds 36,536 so a similar size to White Hart Lane. They share this ground with Sampdoria.

Falque didn't look good enough with his decision making in the final third to me and so a slower paced league may enable him more time to make those decisions. The deal is said to be so far advanced that he is due to have a medical and will sign a contract after it is completed.

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Tottenham are allowed 17 non-home grown players in their 25 man Premier League squad over the age of 21. We currently have 18 with the signing of Dutchman Michel Vorm so the sale of Iago Falque will reduce the number back down to 17.

A product of Barcelona several clubs have seen talent in him but he has failed to develop as they would have hoped. A player who lacks vision will always naturally takes longer to figure out which pass to make or doesn't see the full range of options available to him to select the correct pass for his team.

If Genoa can work on the Spaniards vision they will have a bargain on their hands but both Juventus and ourselves, together with Barcelona, have failed.

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