Holtby, Howard, World Cup Spray, Ghoulam, Cambiasso

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This short article takes a look at Younes Kaboul and wonders if he has a future.

Another player article, this time it's Spurs vice-captain Aaron Lennon in focus, who has been at the club as long as Michael Dawson.

Christian Eriksen has that drive to improve, Gareth Bale had it, the rest of the players need to start demonstrating that same drive.

Right let's get into the Tottenham News Shorts - Issue 21 and the short snippets of news we have on offer concerns: Lewis Holtby, Tim Howard, the World Cup Spray, Faouzi Ghoulam and Estaban Cambiasso.

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Harry Redknapp can't stay away from Spurs, he is now reported to be interested in taking Lewis Holtby. There hardly seems to be a player he isn't interested, he even wants our old boys and has had an offer accepted by Cardiff City for Steven Caulker.

Mauricio Pochettino has just started to cast his eye over the squad and has not sanctioned any departures yet until he has seen and assessed the players in training. It is thought that he wants Lewis Holtby to stay and that Hojtby is happy at Spurs, despite speculation linking him with a return to the Bundesliga.

Marcus Novack is his representative and he told Sky Sports his client didn't want to leave White Hart Lane.

"Lewis is optimistic about the future at Spurs. There is a new manager there now which means it's a fresh start for him and a fresh start for everyone.

"He is happy at Tottenham and has a good feeling there. He wants to stay and prove himself and be part of the team."

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Utter garbage in the press suggesting Spurs are plotting a move for Everton keeper Tim Howard. Most bizarre. Howard is 35 and the suggestion is he'd be a replacement for a departing Hugo Lloris, except of course Lloris isn't departing and has said so.

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The World Cup magic spray, which was first used in South America in 2000, will be used in the Champions League next season but is not coming to the Premier League yet.

The spray has been a huge success at the tournament and makes the referee's life a whole lot easier, walk out 10 yards, get the wall back, apply spray and makes sure they stay behind it. It is needed in the Premier League sooner rather than later.

Heine Allegmagne has obtained the international patent for the firm who make it and revealed UEFA will be using it.

"It's already been agreed that UEFA will use this in their championships.

"Some people have been conservative but I hope that people around the world, including the Premier League, will be impressed by what they have seen in this World Cup."

The spray is called 9.15 Fair Play - because a wall has to be 9.15 metres (10 yards) from the free-kick.

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The Italian press have linked us with what must be about the sixth Napoli player, left-back Faouzi Ghoulam. Clearly the Italians are still hoping Spurs will lop £19 million of Sandro's fee and keep suggesting players we might want.

Spurs are looking for a left-back, ok let's suggest one. Daniel Levy, as all chairman do, likes to buy players with one year left on their contract, they are cheaper then. Algerian international Ghoulam has a contract until 2018 so with Ben Davies clearly the man we want this story is another with no legs for me.

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The man who didn't fit our transfer policy and didn't make any sense signing on a free transfer is not signing on a free transfer. Estaban Cambiasso is 34 and brings a wealth of winning experience but at that age can't play the high energy high pressure game that Pochettino wants. The claimed reason we are not and have never been after him, he's too old, funny that's exactly what I wrote at the outset when this was first mooted.

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